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After 6 months of applying I finally got my first call back from a hospital! It's a local children's hospital and I would LOVE the opportunity to work there. Can anyone give me any insight on what... Read More

  1. by   campercass
    Quote from YAKI7612
    Hello! Congrats on getting the job! I have an interview for a residency at a pediatric hospital this week and was wondering if anyone could give me a heads up on what questions they might ask? Thanks so much!
    How did the interview go? I have one this week for a residency at a childrens hospital! Super excited, and nervous!
  2. by   CalemoEKG
    Im happy to hear that you got the job!! It can be so stressfull these days as a new grad. I recently got hired at Arkansas Childrens in the PICU as a new grad. I start in July out there. I hope everything works out well for you. Congrats!!!
  3. by   CalemoEKG
    I dont know about yours. But MOST of the the questions asked in my interview revolved around how i would deal with the families, especially in emergency situations. I wasnt prepped for that topic much (thinking back i should have been, stupid me). Hope your interview went well!!
  4. by   soxintricate
    I enjoyed reading this forum as I have a second interview for a peds placement in a new graduate residency program. I'm trying to prepare for the interview and am totally prepared for the behavioral type questions such as "name a time when you experienced an unsatisfied patient". Does anyone have tips on how to prepare for the "what would you do if...." questions like in emergency situations or how to deal with families. I don't have much experience in peds inpatient but have TONS of volunteer experience with kids. I love kids and am totally excited about getting an interview for my dream job as a new grad!
  5. by   Our.Inn
    I'm glad to read this post just to know there is hope for new grads! I hope to be interviewing soon so any advice from those of you who have been through it recently would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!