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I've been offered a job with a pediatric home health agency and I'm just curious if anyone has any experience in this area. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.... Read More

  1. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Quote from PediLove2147
    I posted in May that I was nervous about doing pediatric home care and I was right for being nervous. I have been doing it a year and wow, I need OUT. It has become very monotonous and the parents, AH! Short shifts are definetely better but I don't do them very often.

    Hope your new case works out. I know the feeling of dread.
    Yeah its starting to get pretty boring. I'm a nurse but often feel like a baby sitter. Its fine for right now while I'm in RN school, but I know I couldn't do it forever. I would probably like doing short nursing visits better. Its like 90 bucks a visit which is 1-2 hours. I'm going to ask my company about it tomorrow.
  2. by   Nurse Netty
    Good Dialogue here, I've been a pediatric home care nurse for 5 years now. Shift work, not visits, I do anywhere from 6 hour to 16 hour shifts. It really has to be your niche I think. I've talked to a few nurses that feel they must work with other nurses, so they have back up if needed. That's a big thing in home care...it's all you, baby!...no backup! One night my own child was in PICU and her nurse quickly realized she had a fellow neurotic pediatric nurse (meant ever so endearingly!) on her hands. LOL she asked where I work, so I explained and her response was this, " oh..so, you do what I do, but at the kid's home and with no help?" I grinned and said "yes" Another issue in peds home care is attachment, you can't help it, and you shouldn't try to. Love them, play with them, allow them to steal your heart. Because another issue in peds home care is sad but true, the turnover rate, because these are too often very, very sick kids. In my 5 years in this field, I've lost 3 kids. But, I have peace knowing that I was the sunshine in their day or the twinkling star in their night while their preciousness graced this Earth. Always remember, If you love what you do, you'll never "work" a day in your life.
  3. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I feel guilty because I'm not bonding with one of my clients the way I should. He is mentally intact but just have muscular dsyrophy. This boy is so adorable but can be a real brat at times. He bosses me around and makes me feel like his slave. He is rude and lies on me to his parents. He told his parents that I refused to give him a drink of water... which is so far from the truth.
  4. by   MountainRN53
    I am so happy to have found this thread. I was called today for an interview to do home health with pediatrics. They gave me a "nursing test" of 55 questions and I missed 3...but they did not tell me which ones. Stated the clinical manager would go over that with me. I am over 55 and have done the hospital, nursing home and some adult home care stint. Have relocated to the mountains of NC and back in the application process. I am looking forward to taking the refresher courses and enjoy learning. Traveling long distances from home, difficult parents and spoiled manipulative kids are a few of my biggest fears. I am trying to keep an open mind.