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Does anyone else's hospital give away beanie babies? Our hospital for years has always had a huge stock of them in every treat cart, treatment room, and outpatient centers. Most are older beanies... Read More

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    I know my old hospital wouldn't give out beanie babies in the NICU. The infection risk for sure, but the safe sleep issues as well. I was constantly pulling stuffed animals and the like out of cribs and then doing the safe sleep speech with the families. I wouldn't want to encourage anything by giving out stuffed animals. For older children, sure...but not in the NICU.
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    Quote from NicuGal
    They can harbour MRSA, etc unless they can be washes regularly.
    We have this same problem with parents. Unfortunately we can't guarantee their washing
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    That's so awesome! We give teddies that are hand-made and donated, and random toys and what not.