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How do pediatric nurses feel when they have to take care of an adult patient? We do not get that many, but we do get a few when there is no one to transition them to. Many of my co workers get... Read More

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my teenage patients. Seriously, they are some of my favorites. I like that they can carry on real conversations. I think the biggest difference is simply the psychosocial differences. A teenager is one of those things that looks like an adult, acts like an adult, but just isn't one yet. We tend to have a little more time and patience over in the peds world, and I do think that makes a difference in their care and recovery. Not only that, but with family centered care - we know how to deal with those parents in a way that the adult world can't get their heads around.

    BUT, that being said - there are some teens that NEED to be in the adult world. Like the child molester. Please. Or the married kid with kids! Or the gang banger. I'm sorry if I have to post a police officer outside of your door you need to be OVER WITH THE ADULTS. It's very frustrating. But your average teenager definitely can benefit from the peds world.
    The gang banger and molester i agree with, but why not the mother?
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    Quote from sergel02
    The gang banger and molester i agree with, but why not the mother?
    If you are married,, and have your three kids in the hospital room with you - are you really going to benefit from pediatric care? LOL!!! Like the previous poster said, that kiddo didn't deliver her baby in the pediatric hospital. I dunno, it just feels very odd to take care of someone who has a family unit themselves. Some things force you to grow up and motherhood is definitely one of them.
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