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I want to go into peds nursing. I feel as if I am able to communicate better with children because of my silliness. I am currently an EMT and I actually get called into work if it is a peds transport because I am able to handle... Read More

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    I love love love my teens. Give me an assignment full of them, I don't care. They are completely different from children... but definitely are not yet adults. The stresses of the hospital on a teenager are completely different than a child, as well. But honestly, teens.... they are the most fun.
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    I think teens could be hard to care for, however i think a good sense of humor goes a long way. I worked in the ICU and got alot of teens/young adolecence... I think its important for them to not be judged. I saw alot of drug and alcohol overdose. They are scared too, just might not show it like children do. )

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