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hello, I am not looking for medical advice or anything, just a little insight. I noticed my newborn son has a sacral dimple, not an extremely deep one, but still concerning. The first ped that I... Read More

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    Thanks for the update! Glad to hear that things look good.
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    My 14 year old son just got diagnoses with spina bifida occulta, by a chiro... He was in football, first year, and was having pain with running. He did pull out,and I will have his physical in a few weeks. How frequent is the tethering with this condition?? I don't remember any dimpling with him as a baby, but he did have alot of hair, in general, not just at the sacrum.
    Thanks in advance for any input
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    i'm 15
    at the age of 6 or seven i was diagnosed with spina bifida occulta
    i have only recently discoverd this dimple just at the top of my bottom
    which i think should probably have been noticed years ago
    does anyone know why even though the secialist said it shouldnt cause me any discompfort
    why i get severe pain in my spine quite alot of the time?

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    My daughter is 13 and was diagnosed with spina bifida occulta by chance about 4 years ago. She was at tumbling and had a nasty fall, and was told to go get a full body x ray. That is when I was told about the spina bifida occulta. She is a level 5 competitive cheerleader and runs track at school. She occassionally complains of back pain, but nothing an NSAID doesn't take care of. I haven't even told her of her dx's. I was told if she started complaining of severe back pain to follow up with a neurologist.
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    Im 19 years old and I have a dimple. I was born with it and so was my mother. I grew up fine and with no concers and now my daughter has it and she is fine. To be honest i thought i was the only one that had it growing up. so i never talked about it or searched it but apparently it is something that is common.

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