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    I will be starting a new position as a nurse navigator primarily for breast cancer. I am a new grad of Dec 2010 and have been working in a hematology/oncology floor in the hospital. I was told about the job from one of the attendings who I will be working for and he said he thinks that I am perfect for the position. I applied and I am going to start in about a week. On the floor, we dont treat breast cancer that often. I have bought some educational material and now have a basic knowledge on the topic. The doctor did mention to me that he want me to change and alter the program so that in 5 years, the program is different than what it is today. He said I will receive plenty of education on orientation but I am so nervous! I do not have a lot of experience, and I have no idea how to "expand" the program. I am very excited about the job and the opportunities that I can potentially have to advance myself. Can anyone lend any extra tips? Thank you so much!
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    I'm curious as to why a new nurse would be hired to such a role. When our organization hired nurse navigators a couple of years ago, they promoted nurses with OCN credentials who had worked on the oncology unit for 10-15 years. Fresh post op newly diagnosed, chemo administration, hospice- our unit did the whole continuum of inpatient oncology.
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    Hi -- I love the concept of the Navigator role. Did you take the position? How is it going? I am curious how your day is structured, how you organize your patient interactions and keep records and what additional training you have gotten or plan to get. Can you give us an update? thanks! -- Spacey
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    Hi , I am a case manager in a mammography department and I am interested in becoming certified as a breast cancer patient navigator. Is anyone familiar with any such programs?
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    typically , that's really a good chance. you have somebody offer you , kind of lucky, if it is ture. ok, that's good !
    You get to try , if it's not that fitted, ok, still you have other choices, the point is do not miss any chance.

    Good luck!
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    Anyone have any info about nurse navigator role? Online programs? Do you need to be in a specialty or can you get a generic certificate and tailor it?Thanks in advance