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Blind patient

  1. 0 If you have a blind patient and you have tray with hot food and cold food how you explain the tray what does mean clockwise just want to know

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    You tell the the location of each item on the tray in a clockwise manner. Ex. Mashed potatoes located at 12 o'clock , salad at 3 o'clock and etc
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    Thank you very much I do appreciate it

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    Telling the location which is cold and hot is a good way to let know of blind patient.
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    Be sure also to orient the patient to the room, ESPECIALLY if their baseline is independent living. Patients with all their senses have a feeling of losing control, even more so for blind patients who don't get a proper room orientation. Take the time to verbally direct them to the bathroom, go over the call bell, bedside stand location, drawer location, etc. make sure you return items to the same place before you leave the room, direct ancillary staff to do the same, answer call bells in person, if you walk around the room doing tasks let them know why your voice is changing direction. I've had a couple completely blind patients who were independent, and their anxiety is palpably reduced when we remember to do these simple things.