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I am an RN currently applying to study for a masters in Public Health. If I am accepted and succeed, I would like to work in the community promoting health via health education/prevention and public health initiatives. Does... Read More

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    Same goes for my state-lots of BSN's and MPH's. I'm on the east coast. The MPH's are having a hard tme finding jobs. The pay is poor considering the MPH degree which is hard work to get. I did a temp position at my state's DOH- it was a very large dept. I was hired with an MPH who graduated a few years before- all she could get were these temp positions. one was with a pharmaceudical company doing research. What she really wanted was to be an epidemiologist.

    Our DOH just recently had a big layoff- the head of the health education and an active 'hands on' participant in her own dept, couldn't keep her fingers off holding seminars type of dept head - was an older RN with her Master's in Education who had been in that position for many years and was well know through out the state in the Public Health circle. The person who took her place was an LPN.

    I'm not quite sure I get the big push and sell job for us RN's to get our BSN, MSN and DSN's when all the PTB want to do is lay us off and replace with less educated level employees. A High school graduate only doing patient teaching, OMG. It seems to me that "hurry up get your degree, your debt so you can be unemployed and drowning in student loan debt while the nursing academia keep marching off to their daily grind, counting how they will spend their next paycheck!! I'm sorry- the big toot for the BSN- I think is just that- a BIG TOOT!!

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    I am in a rural area of upstate NY. We have no BSN programs in the immediate area, hence a shortage of BSNs. I am in a RN-Masters distance learning program, but at the SNF I work in, I am the most educated. Even my DON is an ADN nurse!
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    Campbellrn68- I envy you, I would LOVE to live in upstate rural NY and get out of the rat race I live in. It must be beautiful and peaceful up there.

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