Is it worth it taking out a loan for a CNA program certificate? - page 2

Hi everyone, Im waiting to get into a nursing program and I want to work as a CNA while I wait. The cheapest CNA program I have found in my area is $675. I dont have that kind of money and Im wondering would it would be worth it... Read More

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    Have you checked at local community colleges? I don't know where you are, but I paid $250 for mine through community college. Worth every penny. I guess you also have to determine if your future as a nurse or CNA (or whatever else you choose to pursue) is worth the money. Mine is!

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    Yes, Yes, Yes!! My daughter received a degree in business administration and racked up over $20,000 in student loan debt (state university & since I am a nurse, we made way too much money for grants). She was unable to find a job in this field. She began taking some classes for the nursing program and took the CNA class for the same price $675 + 50 for the books & she was able to get a job working at the local hospital!! She loves it & I am so proud of her. This was the best thing to have happened to her. Not only is she making about $10/hr (plus they call her all the time to work extras), but she has her foot in the hospital now & is gaining valuable experience!! Good Luck
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    I wouldn't do it. I was hired as a nursing assistant at a hospital with no experience and I was trained for 6 weeks- for free. After you first semester of nursing school, you'll be able to apply for a CNA position at your hospital or any facility that offers that opportunity.
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    I worked as a CNA and eventually a PCT in the hospital setting while in nursing school and I never paid a dime for training...the hospital trained me. However, I was in PA, and has some has said that may be more common there. I would still look around and see if you can find anything for free, even if you owe them 6 months of employment or something after.

    Actually thinking on it now, girls I knew in Ohio were also getting their training for free at nursing homes.

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