Thank you to all the hard-working CNA's and PCTs

  1. A good tech is worth his or her weight in gold- that's all I've gotta say after today's shift. Thank you for all you do- as an RN, I truly appreciate the work that techs do as part of our team. You make my job that much more manageable and provide me with vital information that I use in my assessment and in conferring with the team in rounds. Also, by performing basic nursing skills, you allow me to concentrate more on assessing my patient and tasks that require RN licensure. It's really nice to have accurate and timely numbers for q2h vitals, temps, I's & O's and finger sticks when you have 1,001 maintenance meds to give + q4h assessments + labs to draw and, oh, the docs want to do a procedure right now when you're in the middle of something else. When I see -on the board- that I'm going to be paired with a tech who's hard-working and self-starting (and one who thinks, at that), I know I'll have a good day no matter what happens :redpinkhe
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  3. by   timshel
    & I bet the techs love working with you as well. Team work is a two way street, don't you just wish everyone knew that? Hehehe.
  4. by   mamaxmaria
    I can't tell you how happy I am to see this post! I work with alot of nurses who always tell me they are happy to see me when i come on the unit... but then there are the nurses who don't seem to appreciate what we do...they seem to think we are not knowledgable, and are just a bunch of trained monkeys!!

    I work in an ICU as a PCT so teamwork is very important no matter what your job title is.

    i want to say THANK YOU for showing your appreciation towards us as the "unlicensed staff" and I'm sure your techs appreciate you just as much!
  5. by   blackandyellow
    Thanks for posting this. It's always refreshing to see that we are appreciated and I'm sure you're PCT's/aides enjoy working for you.
  6. by   NENE RN
    Thank you. It is really nice to know that we are appreciated.