Salary for pct?

  1. 0 I was wondering how much a pct makes in New Jersey and in Arizona?

    In a hospital and in A long term ? Hourly?

    Thank you
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    9.75 in Mississippi
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    I'm from Ohio but I work in two hospitals. One has a base rate of 11.10/hr, and the other has a base rate of 9.68/hr. With differentials, I can make up to 15.02/hr and 12.53/hr.
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    I make $12.50/13.50/14.25 shift differentials as a PCA on a surgical floor in a rural community hospital in NJ. The only PCTs in the hospital are in the ED and they make slightly more because they are certified in phlebotomy.

    Also, I've heard the LTCs in the community pay between $9-11.50/hr but the shift differentials are only 10 cents per shift differential.
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    In massachusetts as a CNA in a LTC facility you could expect 9.50-10.50 an hour. PCT in the best hospital in my area 16.50 an hour, that does not include the evening, night, weekend, and holiday differentials I will be starting a PCT position on the infant and children's unit, so excited.
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    AZ unlicensed PCT in a hospital is about $11.00 base plus differentials.
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    Certified Nurse assistant/PCT, Chicago suburbs.. $13.25 base, $2.00 extra for shift differential and another $2.00 for weekends.. So weekends I make $17.25, other wise $15.25
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    PCT in Chicago hospital 14.25 plus 1.80 shift diff
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    NYC $20/hr plus 2 dollars night shift diff.

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