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I have an interview coming up for a PCT on a Mother/Baby floor. What kind of questions do you think they will ask on the interview? Any PCTs have any interview advice? Any thing that I should ask the interviewer? Thank you so... Read More

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    Awesome! I was asking both of you I am thinking of challenging the cna boards? I had a few semesters in nursing school a couple of years ago, but I didn't finish due to my circumstances at the time. I honestly don't want to get my cna and end up working my butt off in a nursing home/medsurg unit..(not there is anything at all against the people who do, I admire them for being able to do it!!) I know they work their tails off and probably don't enjoy their job much:/ I just know that is not for me at this time. I had thought about buying a cna book and brushing up on my skills and then trying to take the test. I am not really needing the money, but would love to gain the experience in the units we talked about. You both got really lucky not having any experience and landing a job in such an awesome unit!! I worked as a medical assistant for an obgyn for a few years and that is what sparked my interest in that area. Any advice as of how to even try to land a job in the hospital? I have applied for a few positions that didn't require CNA, but I never heard anything back. My husband said they have to put the job out there, but that more than likely it was filled from within before they even saw my application. I know I prob need to refresh my resume a little bit too! Something about applying online makes me feel like my chances are slim....I have always had better luck showing up with a resume and handing it to the person! Anyway, I didn't mean to hijack this post! LOL! Any other advice would be appreciated!!!
    You can also apply for positions as a patient transporter or dietary, housekeeping just to get your foot in the door. I once felt the way you feel about medsurg but I had to make what I think was a wise choice. Some nurses are not finding jobs after graduation so since I am a career changer I needed to get my foot in the door. I took a job as a PCT on a medsurg floor which is very busy most days. But my hospital has a tendency to hire the pcts when they graduate. I only have to stay on this floor for six months then I can apply for a different unit. Even if I land a spot on L&D after school I will work medsurg prn because you see so much and it keeps your nursing skills fresh. I don't hate medsurg I consider it a stepping stone to getting to a type of nursing that I love

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    hey i currently attending school as a pct and i'm interested in the M/B unit as well do u have to have any experience working on this floor and what is the starting rate for a position in the M/B.

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