PCT interview :)

  1. So I had the interview with the recruiter today at 9am. She liked me so much she literally called me 5 minutes after I left and scheduled an interview for tomorrow at 9am with the unit manager of the Infant and Children's unit. I'm so stoked. I want this job more than anything at this time. It will be part time nights 7p-7:30a. Good luck to all those who have interviews.

    Thought I would share some of the questions she asked me. What are my strengths, what is something I may need to work on, why did I choose their hospital, share a time I had with a difficult co-worker, what did I do to go above and beyond a time at my job?

    Then we just chatted for a while, she said if I get picked I would start orientation until June 17th. That will be hospital orientation and nursing orientation right after.
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  3. by   MorganB
    Oh wow those we're some of the exact. Questions I was asked at my pct interview a few weeks ago. Good luck to you!
  4. by   MommaTy
    Thanks, I got the position So excited. $16.50 an hr. That doesn't include all my differentials though. I'm hoping I can get my school schedule figured out with this. I start the RN program this fall. I have to work, I have 5 kids so part time it is. I know my clinical days will be Thursday and Friday 7a-1p. So I'm hoping my employer will work around it. Like let me come in at 6:00p-6:30a so I can make it to clinical. If I have to work wednesday or thursday nights. I know my clinical site will be where I work so that works out great They are really understanding and I'm hoping since it's schedule your own days that I can pick weekends and the beginning of the weeks. Have to talk with all the PCTs
  5. by   EaglesWings21
    Congrats on getting the job!!! that's exciting! I just finished my 1st semester and let me tell you it is stressful, you can work but part time is best, but I would tell your employer you cannot work nights when you have school in the morning. It is not safe for your patient (s) for you to be so tired and it won't help you in yout education. I am sure your employer will work for you and won't expect you to work overnight and then go straight to class!!! Good luck with school and your new job. If you have any questions for me feel free to ask. I made it through my first semester very successfully with 3 kids and am hopeful that i will get a tech job soon!!! I have actually turned down a couple of offers bc I want a very specific job. The interview went wonderful and I left feeling very confident. I should be hearing back tomorrow or early next week
  6. by   MommaTy
    Thank you and good luck to you I hope you get the position you are after. Like I said my clinical days will be Thursday and Friday from 7a-1p. So I won't be able to work wed or thurs nights. The way the schedules work at my job are you make your own. So I just have to really talk with the PCTs and I would be willing to work all Fridays and Saturdays even sundays. Usually people are really good. At least I was very mindful of the nursing students when I wasn't and let them picked what they needed 1st. I have until September to get that all straightened up.
  7. by   student_stephanie
    Congrats on getting the job!!! I had similar questions in my NICU interview (got a call from them yesterday offering me the PCT position- stoked!) as the ones you mentioned above. Like the other person mentioned, make sure you don't work the night before clinical. I had someone in clinical last semester (i'm going into my last year of nursing school in the fall) that worked the night before clinical and they were unfocused, almost giving a subQ med IM (oops). Your mangers will be very flexible with the times and days you can work when you start school. After all, they know you are a student nurse and if it's the same as it is around here, they hire patient care techs with the intention of hiring them on as RNs after graduation.

    Good luck to you these next couple of years- I can't imagine going through nursing school with kids. However, I know many people who have successfully gone through nursing school with children so I have no doubt you'll be just fine
  8. by   pmabraham
    Congratulations, MommaTy!
  9. by   MommaTy
    Thank you. It's schedule your own days. So, I will be sure not to work on Wed and Thur nights. I'll work any other day though. Hopefully the PCTs on my unit will be thoughtful. I'll even work their weekends and holidays if they let me so I can have the Wed and Thur off.
  10. by   jmartin1910
    What was the hiring process like? I have an interview coming up on Tue with the clinical manager. I'm nervous about it but excited I made it this far. Do you know how many others interviews they had at the time or were you the only one?
  11. by   IHeartPeds87
    Congratulations on the new job!

    I just skimmed your post and wanted to make a reccomendation: please do NOT plan to go into clinical at 7 a.m having worked until 6 a.m or 6:30 a.m. It isn't good for you, isn't safe and may not be possible physically!

    Also, I know at my school we had to sign something stating that we would not work the night shifts before a day clinical.

    If you have clinical two days a week, don't plan on working the night before any clinical. Meaning, if you have tuesday and wednesday day time clinicals for example from 7 a.m-3:30 p.m I would not reccomend working monday, tuesday or wednesday night.

    Just be careful.

    Congratulations on the new job I didn't mean to be a debbie downer but I speak the truth!