My online application status is still under consideration, its been 4 weeks.

  1. I keep checking this and wondered if they forgot about it. The job I applied for is no longer on there. I haven't even recieved a phone call. I applied for others as well, at different hospitals. I know it takes awhile, but 4 weeks....gosh. And those auto-response emails, says not to call HR. Im just curious, what the longest time span anyone has waited for that first interview? Ive been a pca in a hospital before, its been a few years. I hope that doesn't hinder it.
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  3. by   nqgrl09
    I applied for my job as a PCT in September of last year and they called me in March for an interview! I had forgotten all about the application and position but I received the job after my second interview. I'm not sure why it took so long but I'm still grateful they gave me a chance Good luck to you!
  4. by   caliotter3
    I do not expect responses to online applications. So far, I have never been disappointed.
  5. by   nursing81student
    I would call HR. Just be honest and say you want to touch base, let them know you are still very interested and did they make a decision yet? I just accepted a job offer as a Nurse Tech after PCTing for a few years. I applied to 20+ jobs online and received one interview...luckily it was for the job I received and also wanted the most.

    Try to contact the nurse manager if you can. This was very helpful in getting a straight answer. They would reply quickly. I found that a good portion of the jobs I applied for were either posted incorrectly or not needed due to the positions being filled internally.

    These things take time, especially if it is a large hospital. I applied, scheduled an interview for a couple weeks after....2nd interview a few weeks after the call a few weeks after that.....received the offer letter via email a week after that.....appointment with HR a week from now....and around and around it goes. The whole process from applying to getting the job was 3 months.

    Good luck with your search! Stay patient and don't get discouraged.
  6. by   MissyMango
    Update......but I want to thank everyone for their comments.
    I just came back from my 1st interview at the hospital. It went by very well. I didnt interview with the HR lady, she just directed me to the floor to the nurse manager to whom I would be working with. She didnt ask any behavorial questions, (which I was prepared for) and mostly talked how what the floor was about the way the pca's work on the floor. And after she took me on a tour of the floor and introduced me to some employees...... This is the job I wanted, it took over at least 6 weeks for them to contact me. I hope this is a good sign . Then she will let me know by next week to interview again . And the waiting begins, lol
  7. by   Swellz
    Yeah, after I applied I got an interview right away, but it took almost six weeks before they ultimately gave me the job. Even then, because it is a nurse externship, I have to wait for the next start date which isn't for another month! Good luck, I'm sure you'll get it!