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Let's compare hourly pay. Please state you city: St. Louis, MO: $12.75 (plus differential for weekend/might)... Read More

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    Community hospital system in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. I started at $11.00 with my only other experience being a nursing student.

    I think the Cleveland Clinic pays their aids a few dollars more to start.

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    Long Island, NY: $19 an hour for days and $21 an hour for evenings/ nights
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    geez, people are making food wages as pct/emt!

    I currently make $12 base as a prn pct/huc. I can make anywhere from $13.50- $15.50 depending on shift differential and/or weekend differentials.
    I make $15 base as a prn student nurse tech. I can make anywhere from $16.50 to $20.25 depending on shift and/or weekend differentials. I work in kansas and have 1.5 year of experience.
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    Bridgeport, CT $14 an hour, but ive heard the paramedics say they get up to $26.50 an hour after 3 years of work.
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    $31/hr on weekend nights, Northern California. That's an on call shift + weekend and night differentials.

    Sometimes I wonder if I should even go to nursing school.
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    18/hr per diem plus diff and weekends...
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    There's a very good site that gives you an idea of what companies pay:
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    10.00 per hour in Little Rock, Arkansas. Depends on experience, but the general start is 10 p/h before shift dif (if that's offered).
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    In Ga current hospital im at as a parttime nurse tech base pay 7.25 but since i work the 3-11 or 11p-7a shift its 8.50 w/NO WEEKEND DIF ive been there since november. My new job i'll be starting as a pct at another hospital thats closer to home prn base 8.80 w/nite & weekend dif. 3-11 shift during the week $1.00, 11p-7a during the week $1.50. Weekends 7-3($1.00), 3-11(1.50) 11-7(2.00) so im making sure i work weekends atleast 2-3 12hr shifts
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