Getting into an ER as a Tech

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    How did you guys go about getting an ER Tech Position? Did you apply online or did you guys go in and talk to the manager?

    Ive been an EMT for 2 years now, but i want something a little more exciting and more hospital based.. as i am going to be going to nursing school hopefully soon

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    If u know the manager or someone who does have them talk u up. Otherwise apply apply apply good luck!
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    I applied online and was lucky enough to get a call back and wooed them with my charm at the But seriously, our ER loves to hire techs with an EMT background, so I would think you wouldn't have much trouble. Good luck!
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    another question. how do you keep your application from going into the blackhole or trash after you submitted it?
    is there any magic phrase or word?
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    not really. remember that they usually post the jobs internally before they post to the public. i think it really has to do with the alignment with the stars and planets.

    it took me 2 solid years of applying before i got hired. =/ hang in there. you'll get it if u persist.
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    are you located on the east or west coast? near a metro area?
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    If you are an EMT Basic, it probably would help to have some phlebotomy and EKG training, since both seem to be pretty much universal roles for ER techs. Also wouldnt hurt to be a CNA.
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    Well i do have my EKG Training and ACLS, but i still need my phlebotomy local classes fill up fast here.. i might look at a CNA Cert, how long is the training?
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    Quote from MusicEMT
    are you located on the east or west coast? near a metro area?
    In the midwest hahah. Im in central IL, but the hospital I work at is the only Level 1 trauma center in the area. So its like "big city"' competative if that makes sense.
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    to be quite honest they probably will train u on the job. i had phleb/ekg cert before i started and they still put me through their own class.

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