Do your RN's appreciate you as a PCT/CNA? Do your RN's appreciate you as a PCT/CNA? - pg.2 | allnurses

Do your RN's appreciate you as a PCT/CNA? - page 2

I just read a post by a nurse showing her appreciation for the "unlicensed staff" and this definitely made my day. I can't tell you how many times at work I have been made to feel like an... Read More

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    It all depends some do while other's don't. Some make you feel like they are better than you, while other's will help you if they have time or if you get behind. As a PCT working my way up I will be grounded because I will know first hand what it is to be a PCT/CNA. I think we all should work together as a team. Each member has a role their's no need to down PCT's, because we do work hard. It's all about the patient.
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    Quote from lrlat
    I would say "most " nurses appreciate our skills. Though I can tell you within 10 minutes if a nurse was a previous CNA or not. The ones that have worked their way up...are ALOT better nurses!
    So true I noticed that too