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I just read a post by a nurse showing her appreciation for the "unlicensed staff" and this definitely made my day. I can't tell you how many times at work I have been made to feel like an... Read More

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    Nursing environments are just hard on anyone who's new regardless of license status. New techs and new nurses get flak from the veteran techs and the veteran nurses. At least that's how it is at my hospital.
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    I like this post. I am an ER tech at a busy trauma center and I can literally run circles around the nurses I work with. I start IVs, draw blood, do EKGs, get urine samples and analyze them, check blood sugars, do vital signs, put on splints, and revitalize almost EVERY patient in the entire ER. EVen though we have 20 beds and usually 10-12 nurses, I generaly take on the brunt of the work independently because as the nurses suggest "Its my job". I love most of the people I work with but, it is still disheartening to see them sitting around looking at their Facebook page on their phone and reading a book while YOU ARE WORKING YOUR ASS OFF TO SAVE THEIR PATIENTS!!! I do not ALWAYS have days like this, there are some really amazing nurses but, sadly most of them are lazy and take WAY too much advantage of the help offered. I do like 60% more than I actually have to do... and it has come to be expected of me so, if I have an "off-day" where I am tired or not feeling mad, people get upset with me for not doing everything so efficiently. It would be nice for some of the nurses I work with to appreciate the staff that is helping them. Patient care techs are completly looked over and looked down on because of their status. I am an EMT-Intermediate and I have skills and experience in coding patients ON MY OWN in the back of an ambulance. I have delivered babies and saved gun shot wound victims and helped people out of cars that have flipped on the freeway. I have amazing talent and skill and I truly LOVE my job but, I would have to agree that I am very underappreciated and underpaid also. LOL.
    There have been several times that I go to report a critical value to the nurse and instead of just saying "Okay thanks" they go into some big lecture and try to explain the disease process to me... I KNOW JACKASS.. IM REQUIRED BY LAW TO REPORT TO YOU THAT YOUR DKA PATIENT HAS A SUGAR OF 1430 STILL!!!! Why do nurses think that you don't understand anything if you tell them a critical value??? We are not stupid. Most of us are worknig toward a degree in Nursing and, if nothing else... you are showing me the type of nurse I NEVER WANT TO BECOME. To those nurses out there that appreciate the ****-ons that are working their tail off to make your job easier.... thank you for being easy to work with.. to the others.. thank you also for showing me a good example of a bad nurse.
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    Just want to say I appreciate each and every one of you. THANK YOU!
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    It all depends some do while other's don't. Some make you feel like they are better than you, while other's will help you if they have time or if you get behind. As a PCT working my way up I will be grounded because I will know first hand what it is to be a PCT/CNA. I think we all should work together as a team. Each member has a role their's no need to down PCT's, because we do work hard. It's all about the patient.
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    Quote from lrlat
    I would say "most " nurses appreciate our skills. Though I can tell you within 10 minutes if a nurse was a previous CNA or not. The ones that have worked their way up...are ALOT better nurses!
    So true I noticed that too

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