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Children's Hospital PCT

  1. 2 Hey guys, I have been applying to an incredibly well respected teaching hospital in my area for just about a year. They have the only Children's hospital in the region and that's where I wanted to be. Around here it's WHO you know in the hospital that can help you get in. I personally don't know anybody so it's been very hard.

    After applying and applying, I finally had my interview today (after a long 10 hr 3rd shift :/ 6PM-4AM) at 9AM (I took a small nap :3) ANYWAYS, there were 200 applicants, 20 were pulled and 8 were interviewed. It was so amazing to finally have at least an interview in the unit I wanted the most! They love pre nursing students, and will promote you to a nurse tech once you get accepted! Best of all, once you pass the board, they keep you as a nurse at the hospital!

    I really don't want to get too excited, but they were really sweet and said I was the best interview that they had and love that I had Phlebotomy, CNA and I'm fluent in Spanish :3

    I'm really hoping that I hear some good news because it's kinda my mini dream to work at that hospital. :3 Anyways, I had to vent out my excitement

    Thanks :3
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    Sounds like it went well! Good luck!
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    all the best
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    Good luck. Here is my story. I put in my application to the hospital. After a week the recruiter called me on a Monday, said she needed to call me back because she had to check on something. She didn't call me back, so that friday I called her back. She said she liked what she saw and wanted to interview me the following Wed at 9am. So, I saw her at 9am on Wed, she fell in love and told me she will contact the manager and get back to me. She called me 10 min after I left and said the manager would love an interview with you tomorrow at 9am. So Thursday at 9am I had the interview with the unit manager of the infant and Children's unit. The position is part time nights 7p-7:30a 2 nights a week. Before I left the interview the manager literally told me if her grand children were in the hospital she would want me to take care of them. 2 hours after I left the interview the recruiter called me back and offered me the position at 16.50 an hour (that doesn't include my evening, night, weekend, and holiday differentials). I also start the RN program this fall. I'm so excited that I have finally got into where I have been trying to get for 10 years They use a company called HireRight to do background and employment checks. The planned start date is June 17th and 18th hospital orientation and 19th-21st PCT orientation. I'm beyond excited!!!!