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ATTENTION ALL Nurses, Volunteers, Patient Care Associates/Techs, CNA's... - page 2

Hey everyone :) where do I start? I am completing my first semester of nursing school in May and have three more to go(assuming I don't need to repeat anything). I am determined to get a PCT(patient... Read More

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    My nursing program coordinates placement of PCTs and nursing student volunteers and has a close affiliation with a choice hospital system. Have you inquired if yours has connected programming to refer you for placement or interview?
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    It is nothing they brought up on their own. I will definitely ask. Thanks!
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    I am waiting to hear if I made the cut for the PCT, the program I am hoping for is taught at the hospital and you are guaranteed a job offer. My long term goal is to continue working on my nursing pre-requisites and start the LPN program Jan 2014, graduate, start working in the same hospital, then while working as a LPN start the bridge program and once I have my bachelors, work towards my goal of Holistic Nurse. Lot's of stepping stones, but it will be worth it. Much luck to you!
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    Quote from LM NY
    SleeepyRN- I would never rule out a long term facility. I especially love the older crowd and know they need someone to talk to. I just really enjoy the hustle and bustle(spelling? lol) of hospitals. I am just so excited and can't wait to begin this journey. Thank you for your input, it is very much appreciated.

    It is all hustle and bustle in LTC. Its not sitting by the bedside holding their hand and talking. You try when you can, but you are busy every minute. That being said, I definitely enjoyed working in a hospital more because of the extra skills I was able to do. Phlebotomy, EKGs, blood glucose monitoring... Good luck!
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    BTW, In my state, you can't work as a PCT once you become a nurse.
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    SleepyRN - So so true. It really does depend on your shift though. You will learn to love continent patients lol.

    LightX - In my state you can't get a job as a PCA/CNA/PCT as a nurse. However, they will let you keep the job if you are already working as such in a hospital. The reasoning has to do with the nursing license you receive. Although your job responsibilities are different than a nurse, you are still held to that license and the responsibility that comes with it. The state and hospitals do not want to deal with those legal problems.