New Fluzone Intradermal vaccine - what do you all think?

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    Anyone giving this out where you work? It intrigues me. I think it will be helpful for all the people who are afraid of needles but should get a flu shot. We are doing the old fashioned kind at my hospital, but I am curious to see the intradermal. I might get one just to see how it is. They claim to be as effective and they are not the live virus. I wonder if it will work as well. This would so make it easier to convince people to get one.
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    Our Employee Health department offered me a choice between the IM and the intradermal. I chose the ID - it was not pain-free, but much less painful than the IM. I had a small wheal at the site for 2-3 days, about the size of a mosquito bite.
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    We are doing the old fashioned flu shots at my work too. I WISH we had these though. I imagine it is a cost thing though, I am sure the intradermal is much more expensive.

    Let us know how it goes, if you end up getting it on yourself.
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    I've heard nothing but bad reviews of the ID route. Everyone I know has said it is way worse than an IM.

    They tried to give it to me and I said no way. GIve me the old fashioned needle.
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    The IM route is not live virus either. The nice thing about the ID vaccine is that it takes less antigen and is just as effective.

    I've had the IM and the intranasal, and I must admit I liked the intranasal better. I have never suffered any ill effects from the flu vaccine, but something about not being poked with a needle felt a bit less distressing. I think if my workplace offered the ID, I'd take it over the IM.
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    I received the ID this year, and it was painless with zero SE for me. I'll go for it every year if it's available. It's only 0.1ml. I read that it works as well as the IM b/c there are more immune cells in skin than muscle, which makes sense.
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    I understand what you are saying but I do respectfully disagree on some points.
    In response one question I posed was "Why did the Federal Governement set a precedance by providing a compensation program from those adversly affected by the vaccine", not which system was best. Should the Federal Government do this for all medications?
    Another point was concerning your response of "herd vaccinations". I do understand the theroy but who draws the line? Do the "ends justify the means"? That is dangerous governmental thinking.
    Comparing school vaccinations to the flu shot is not apples to apples and I am suprised that was compared.
    We all have our own thoughts and opinions and that is good. I enjoy a good intelligent objective conversation.