Nurses who refuse to give pain meds - page 2

We are faced with this issue alot in our LTC. Even a doctors order for Tylenol four times a day is disregarded because it's thought the patient doesn't show any signs of pain. So some say anyway. She is frail with huge ulcers... Read More

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    I have had an issue once with my nurse not giving me my pain meds. It was after a surgery, I had been in the ICU for a day because they had left the tube in my throat (exsesive blood loss, swollen tounge) and was transfered to the floor. I asked before leaving, and was told I could get it as soon as I got the the floor. Floor nurse said sorry my pca was not ready i would have to wait. 2 hours later still no meds, mom starts yelling, 15 mins later, meds are being injected in my iv.

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