Non-pharmacological pain management

  1. 0 Hi! I'm doing a teaching project for a pt tomorrow on pain management w/out medication. I like to call it "what you can do to manage the pain until your nurse comes with your meds". Seriously, now, does anyone have any suggestions for websites or teachings regarding this? Any info will help, thanks!
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    Imagery ie;Happy place
    Music (portable CD/tape)
    Counter pressure

    Basically look up any Alternative Therapies and they should help. Good luck!!!!
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    Distraction, relaxation, heat/cold. Rubbing the skin, massage - is this what you are after???
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    There are also 2 other forums you might try browsing - the holistic and complimentary threapy forum and the massage forum. Both have good information. Have you looked in the "sticky" threads at the top of the pain forum?
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    Thanks for your posts. I actually found a site on pediatric cancer pain. It had two great relaxation and visualization exercises that I printed off. It's real easy to use, and I think will work great w/ my geriatric pt!
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    Are you going to share????
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    Quote from Fluesy
    Are you going to share????
    Oh, yeah!

    I did my teaching project today and my pt fell asleep during the relaxation excercise! Goal met!

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