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Anyone else ever had a case like this? Homecare patient, 50 yr. old male, NIDDM, has had 2 episodes of severe pain in his shoulders (alternating sides, about a year apart.) His pulse was up over 100, his BP was up, and when I... Read More

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    Neurontin is well tolerated by many but there seems to be a growing number of reports of people who had difficulties on it. There has been a lot of flak about the manufacturer marketing it for off-label uses.

    I have seen it work nicely in terminally ill cancer patients with neuropathic pain where we were able to bring their pain down to a tolerable level, and sometimes even reduce the narcotic dosage, greatly increasing their quality of life.

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    Originally posted by Disablednurse
    I have diabetic neuropathy in both of my feet. I am on Neurontin 900mg TID, MS Contin 60mg TID and oxycodone prn for breakthru pain r/t intractable back pain from failed back syndrome and it does not completely relieve the pain from my back much less the neuropathy. Doctors also have started me on elavil 100mg to try to help get the pain under control with no results. The doctors told me that I would never be able to nurse again. I feel for this gentleman, as I know what he is going thru. I am only 45 years old. It is difficult to adjust to the pain.
    If you don't get improved results with the elavil, you might ask about trying effexor. I read about good results with that on medscape. It was a very limited study...still, if it worked for some, it might work for you. I copied the report here:

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    (What my drug rep told me)

    This information is based largely on the testing of Lilly's new Anti-depressant, Cymbalta.

    Cymbalta show's alot of promise for those with chronic pain, and may actually get an indication for that. To shortly sum it up, Cymbalta will do what Effexor XR will do when given at doses
    > 150mg.

    Sadly, Cymbalta hasn't been approved (was susposed to be approved last year, hasn't yet been). Still waiting

    Effexor XR is WONDERFUL, ALL AROUND! Most of my patients are on it. Depression, anxiety, chronic pain, social anxiety.

    I LOVE IT! And am on it myself.


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