New Grad Med Surg or PACU? - page 2

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I'm a new grad from July 2010. I got both offers from 2 different hospital. One is night 12-HR shift (7p-7a) on Med Surg. I have the options of choosing a specialty and interviewed with that manager after 6 months. I need 18... Read More

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    I think you clearly made the right choice. Med/Surg will definitely help you in graduate studies more. You don't have to do it forever, just long enough to get through school. PACU is very narrowly focused, and you don't get into the medical issues with the patients. You stabilize and move as quickly as possible if going to ICU or the floor, or d/c them as quickly as possible if they are outpatient. There is no doubt you will know you made the right choice on the MS floor. Plus, it will allow you to get to the NP status more quickly as well. Good luck!

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