What is your policy in DVT prevention following joint surgery - page 2

I am doing a paper on prevention of DVT following joint surgery. I would very much like to hear from the ortho nurses on what policy their facility has in place to prevent DVT after Knee or Hip... Read More

  1. by   christina731
    All had SCD and Ted stockings. Depending on the surgeon, most had Lovenox and some had ASA. Some form of pharmacological VTE prophylaxis was required within 12 hours of arrival to PACU. Some surgeons started ASA on POD#3, although many patients were d/c'd by then. My unit very rarely used Coumadin. All patients were to at least attempt ambulation within 6 hours of arrival to the floor (anywhere from dangling at the edge of bed to walking if safe to do so, along with PT/OT daily beginning on POD #1.
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  2. by   mmc51264
    SCD in the facility, TED to go home, most Lovenox, some aspirin. We are getting ready to start a new research project with different options, many listed above. We have a fairly low DVT rate.