What can I expect while working at an Orthopedic Department?

  1. I have an interview tomorrow for a CNA position at that department since the Nurse Manager (or whatever you call that position who does the hiring) is located at this place.

    What kind of work will I be doing as a CNA (patient care, clerical, etc.)? Btw, I've recently been certified and have been working as a CNA for nearly 5 months.

    Please provide me with a lot of info about this department as possible.

    So nervous for this interview, gahh!!

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  3. by   LouisVRN
    A lot of it will be ambulating/helping pt's with ADLs. Regardless of the type of ortho surgery few of them are independent post-op whether it be due to inability to move, pain, or fear. So expect a lot of helping set up trays, helping pt's turn in bed - high risk of HAPUs in this dept, ambulate safely, get to the chair, get cleaned up, etc. However while sometimes its easier to do all of these things for the patient, its equally important to reassure and encourage the patient to do what they are capable of on their own as the goal is usually rehabilitation.
  4. by   ashleyisawesome
    like LouisVRN said, a lot of help ambulating, some butt wiping (though not as much as some other med surg floors if you have strictly ortho pts), help with bathing, vitals, a lot of post ops-- foleys, drains, pca pumps (which can be a pain because these people need frequent vitals).

    do yourself a favor and try to learn hip and knee precautions. i dont know if they do anterior hips at your hospital, but the precautions are different than the traditional hip precautions.. they just started doing them recently where i work and im having a hard time getting used to it. haha

    anyway, im sure you will really enjoy the ortho floor. i love it, and when i get floated to other floors im always wishing i was back at my home base. haha. its a lot different than regular med surg floors because the majority of pts get better rather quickly and get to go home. we have only had two codes on my floor in the past year that ive worked there and they were medical overflow pts. not to say the post ops wont do some funky things and possibly go south on you! its a busy floor and lots of fun!
  5. by   sarahsmile44
    What Ashley said!!! I LOVE MY ORTHO FLOOR!!!! Most patients have had surgery electively and are eager to get back to doing things on their own. They just need your help to maintain safety. Sure, we have some patients who are big babies, but just remind yourself that they just had a major surgery. Some of our emergent surgeries are patients from nursing homes and they can be confused at times, which is no fun, but we just deal with it and keep them safe. Good idea to learn hip, knee and back precautions. You will need to know those when ambulating and turning your patients. Ortho is really a great place to work. I'm working as a new RN on my Ortho floor and right now, couldn't imagine going anywhere else.