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Ortho orientation

  1. 0 How long was your orientation to the ortho unit? Was it adequate?
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    Quote from MJB2010
    How long was your orientation to the ortho unit? Was it adequate?
    Mine was supposed to be 3 months, I think (bc I had experience on the unit as a PCT) it might have been shortened one or two weeks. I felt it was adequate, but I was already in my comfort zone, luckily
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    So long ago probably none. Hit the road running and loved it for 22 years. Big Hint. Follow the doctors and LISTEN. If you don't understand ASK....most love to show students what they know. And then when you take the certification test in a few years you will find all those little discussions popping to the surface.
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    just went to a job interview today for a new grad position on an orthopaedic unit. they said orientation was 6 weeks. which doesnt seem like enough in my opinion. but hey, guess i'll have to do my own homework and educate myself on days that i'm not on the unit.
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    I start as a GN on an Ortho floor in a few weeks. My new manager said I get 10 weeks...8 weeks on day shift and 2 weeks on nights, but I can ask for more time if I don't feel ready.