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Hi everyone. I would appreciate any helpful tips and advice for a new ortho nurse. Your experience can make definitely help me learn. Thanks for your time!!!!!!... Read More

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    My first position in the hospital setting was an ortho/neuro unit. I was precepted by an experienced ortho nurse, and learned, learned, learned! Ask ALOT of questions!!

    Find a mentor that can help you, an experienced nurse with an upbeat attitude

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    I have been an ortho nurse for 16 years. PAIN is such a big issue with ortho patients. One trick I found out on night shift was that if your patient was given morphine or Demerol and is still having unacceptable levels of pain, often you can stop it simply by adding tylenol. Also, ice everywhere it hurts. (30 minutes on, 30 minutes off). Buys you time for the medicine to kick in. And there is a lot more blood than in many other specialties. When I first started, I was concerned about so much blood on dressings. I would ask the ortho surgeons about it, and finally one said, "Don't bother me about bleeding unless it's dripping on the floor and making a big puddle!" Of course we watch their b/p and their H&Hs, especially after total knees and fixators. But dressings, we reinforce and go on.
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    I too have recently started on an ortho floor. Any suggestions a decent ortho book?
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    Anyone know of any good Ortho/Neuro books to buy?? I'm going to use my patho book from school but additional book suggestions would be appreciated!
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    I recommend Adult Orthopedic Nursing by Delores Schoen
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    Always protect your back. Hard floor physically to work on.


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