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Hello fellow nurses... So... I moved to Portland from California in August 09. (I used to live here so I am not a complete transfer, lol!) I am an RN and worked in a wonderful hospital in California as a Oncology Nurse for... Read More

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    OK, I have to ask...where are these positions you speak of? I am currently hunting in that area (Eugene/Springfield) and there certainly aren't 120 positions for just nurses. Are you including all of PeaceHealth, which is also located in Alaska and Washington (not to mention a few other places around this state)?

    I am not trying to argue, I really want to know where you're getting this information. I know that if you have a year or more of experience you do quite a bit better, but as a new (or practically new) nurse you're up the you-know-what creek...

    On another note...I worked at PeaceHealth for seven years as a hospital phlebotomist at OML (now PeaceHealth Laboratories). I made a lot of positive relationships with nurses, charge nurses, and department heads. Toward the end of my educational sentence (I worked full time too, so it really wasn't fun), I started looking for a nursing position (around April 2009). I couldn't get my foot in a single door. I had letters of recommendation from a neonatal doctor (who is also in charge of the PeaceHealth hospital pharmacy), a per diem house charge nurse/LCC instructor, another well known and respected LCC instructor, and I could have given them 20 references from almost every department in the hospital. It didn't matter one bit. There simply weren't any positions. I ended up having to go into a LTC facility.

    When I contacted HR again about a month ago, I was told (verbatim), "the job market is worse off than before when you were looking." I have another tab open in my web browser right now (Friday 1/22/10 @ 12:12 AM) and there are 31 total jobs listed in the Eugene/Springfield area for nursing, and that includes listings for CNA's and LPN's (so the number of RN positions is actually much lower than that).

    So as you can see, I have a bit of data that suggests that the local Eugene/Springfield market is a little less than optimal. Again, I can't stress this enough...I am just this side of desperately looking for a job, so please...please prove me wrong

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    To lilwbprincess....

    Hello... I was curious to see how the OSHU ICU program was going? I was going to PM you but realized I can't due to not posting enough... lol. Anyway... I am still looking for work and am really considering applying for the icu internship. I know there is one in April. I don't want to miss it this time... When was you interview and how far advance did they tell you that you were accepted before the program began? Are you learning a lot? How does it work? Are you in a class all day? Is it paid for? So many questions ;0)

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    The job market always looks good to someone who's not actually in it. Unless this San Francisco nursing student is going to give us evidence, I would trust your own experience. Good luck to you, nrsnic, and don't give up hope--I eventually had to move out of state in order to find a job, but I had been out of work/nursing school for two full years and still got hired.
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    Most places are being picky, I applied at Salem, got denied they only hired BSN's for the internships. Applied Good Sam Corvallis they didn't take me in their critical care internship. Applied at Silverton, not enough experience. and so on... I am a new nurse graduated sept. 09 and a medic for 20 years, but they only count nursing exp. But I did get a casual job at a stand alone urgent care for Samaritan Health in Albany, just yesterday I accepted a full time ER position in Albany, now I will get to go in to the critical care internship and get my spot in the ER. It was all the phone calls and meeting dept. managers and talking myself up. My app was never forwarded past recuriting without the manager calling for it. So jobs are tough to come by just about any where. Get out and meet people, I joined the ENA is how I met some ER managers from my area. Melissa RN
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    I'm also a victim of a layoff. The State of Washington is closing the prison I work at. I have a Washington and an Oregon RN license and have been applying at all the hospitals on both sides of the river, Portland and Vancouver. It is just ugly. I am taking NRP and PALS classes to get my certifications, am going to get my ACLS as well, all on my own dime to make myself more marketable. Unfortunately the one thing I don't have is hospital experience since my clinicals in 07. The amount of money I am spending to find a job is obscene. What I really hate is when my non-nursing co-workers are talking about how they are looking for work and where they will transfer to other correctional facilities (not an option for me), they look at me and say "oh, but you are a nurse and will have no problem finding another job, there is nursing shortage isn't there?" Nursing is my dream job and I never though I would see the day that I would talk to lots of nurses that can't find jobs.
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    hello. I have a question for anyone with an opinion:
    I've been accepted to the Linfield BSN program to start in June. However, the two RNs I know in Vancouver had less than stellar things to say about the graduates from that program. As in, they didn't have much functional knowledge, but they know how to read a book very well if you catch the drift.

    Does anyone have any input? good or bad. I'm trying to decide between two programs.

    Thank you!
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    Looking for an rn job in the Portland area as a new grad has definitely been the most heinous, brutal, humiliating experiences of my professional life so far!! It's hard not to take the rejection personally. Good news, however. My perseverance and openness to work ANYWHERE has paid off - full time job starting tomorrow!
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    Good for you!!! Where are you working?

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