University of Portland 2012

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    I'm applying to UP as a transfer student for 2012. Wondering if anyone else out there who is applying, or if any current students could share their thoughts about the program?


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    I applied! Still waiting to hear back from UP though...the wait is so torturous!
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    I too am awating the news, I am very nervous every time I check the mail. UP is my number one choice I hope I get in!! AA
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    Anyone heard yet? I'm hoping we find out this week!
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    Acceptance letters are arriving! I just received mine for Spring Term 2013 and am so very excited!

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    Congrats RunnerGirl! I still have not heard yet, but my friend received her rejection letter today So everyone start checking your mailboxes!! Good luck everyone!
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    I got mine today and I am in!!!!!! I am so excited!!
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    I got mine, too!! Fall '12 !!!
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    I got my letter yesterday too-- not quite as exciting as all of yours! I am on the waiting list. Better than nothing though! So we shall see. I have heard they wait list hundreds.
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    I GOT ACCEPTED TOO for Spring 2013 ... I am really excited. it is awesome ! I call today UP and they told me that letters about the Providence Scholars Program will be mailed this Friday... I hope I get an interview. Spring 2013 cohort, we should try to meet ...

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