University of Portland Letters are Comming

  1. Lol and I swear I can spell coming LOL I am just a little excited.

    Got mine today
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  3. by   airbender
    Yeah, got mine today. Unfortunately, it's a waitlist offer, so I'm not exactly over the moon. It could be worse! I have to wonder what exactly they're looking for. I have a prior degree, lots of health care experience, 4.0 GPA for pre-reqs which are all done except for microbiology, and sent I in a great letter of reference, and my CNA license with the application.

    Did you get in? Congrats!! It's a great school!
  4. by   danceandchant
    I just got mine today too! I got accepted. I'm actually quite surprised, out of the three I applied to (OHSU, Linfield, and UP) I figured I had the smallest chance of getting into UP. I had a 4.0 in my prerequisites, a prior degree, my CNA, and 13 years of Catholic school behind me. I didn't have a lot of the prerequisites completed though (no Micro, History, Philosophy or Statistics). I'm pretty thrilled, UP is a great school.
  5. by   ValerieBPDX
    I got my acceptance letter today! I am in for Spring 2012. I was hoping for fall, but I am so stoked to know I have at least one option. Also applied to OHSU's and Linfield's accelerated 2nd degree programs. Will you all be in spring or fall? I live right down the street from UP, so it would be handy, anyway! I wasn't expecting to hear from any school for another week or two, so it was a good surprise.
  6. by   Meese
    Hello all,

    I am new to this forum as of today, but I must admit the posts have been very helpful in the past. I also received my admissions letter from U of P yesterday; however, mine too was a wait list offer. I'm sure this question has been raised before, but does anyone know how many wait list offers they send out? And how many spots they fill in general (for Spring 2012)? I am a transfer student and have heard that we are secondary to their traditional students... wonder what the ratio is this year?

    This waiting game is torture

    It's nice to know that I'm not the only one feeling this way though. I applied to Linfield and OHSU as well. Please, please let me get into just one program! I'm starting to feel like I should have applied to more schools...

    Congrats to those who have been accepted - you can rest easy now
  7. by   FenterRocks
    Last year was my first year applying and I applied to OHSU and UP. I was waitlisted for UP and did not get into OHSU. Last year I heard that they can put up to 300 people on the waiting list (which seems like a lot) but you can call and ask what number you are. I was 63 and with the amount of people trying to get into school they obviously did not go too far into the waiting list cause I never heard anything. But...This year I only applied to Linfield and UP and I was accepted to UP WHOO HOO! (I think Linfield sends out their letters next month) There is hope, so if this is your first year applying, don't be too upset if you do not get in. Keep trying!
  8. by   FenterRocks
    One more thing! Fall entrance is for 4 year UP students and they only admit you to fall if for some reason they end up with less 4 year students entering their Junior year.
  9. by   bolo
    Congradulations everyone on your UP acceptance!!! I got accepted as well....Yippy. Its nice to know I have a place to land after all the hard work involved getting to this point.
    IF you have a choice between UP and Linfield which one would you pick and why?
    I know someone going to Linfield and she did not reccomend it if I had UP or OHSU for other choices.
  10. by   mggarner
    @ bolo, Im curious why your friend did not reccomend Linfield over UP? What did they not like about it?
  11. by   bolo
    Is there a way to send private messages on here? I do not want to repeat hear-say comments about Linfield publicly. The comment was just a personal prefference if given a choice.
  12. by   mggarner
    I don't think you can send private messages unless your a paying member. Thanks though, I was just curious what some opinions were about the 2 programs because I have applied to both, and if im lucky I will be faced with deciding between the two.
  13. by   airbender
    You can send private messages by clicking on a person's name and using the send message option. You don't need to be a paying member, but you do need to have 15 posts before the feature is activated ( I think).

    Personally, I wouldn't put too much stock in one person's opinion of a school, especially on the internet. Trends versus outliers, you know? Talk to recent grads and current students. Linfield is well-regarded in our medical community, as are U of P, and OHSU. I've heard people say negative things about all of them! But lots of positives, too.

    For Linfield, the main negative that comes up seems to be that they focus on community nursing, which seems to be somewhat of a myth. They focus on critical thinking skills, because they are actually much harder to learn than technical skills, which may seem difficult to beginning students - this is according to a current Linfield student.

    Maybe I'm jaded after going to community college for 2 years - I have never heard so many adults complain about, and blame, their teachers for everything! Good luck...
  14. by   happiness123
    Has anyone heard from UP yet for the 2012 admissions cycle?