Providence Scholars Program

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    Has anyone received word for the Providence Scholars program? I tried calling the nursing school but no one ever picked up.

    Also, if anyone out there is or was a Prov Scholar, could you let us know any positive/negative thoughts you have on it?


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    Nope, not yet (although I typically receive things about two days after everyone else because I'm down in CA). It sounded like two weeks--so tomorrow--was the absolute earliest Heather expected to make a decision. So I would guess maybe the letters will be sent sometime next week? She did say it could take as long as April 15th, but I'm reeeally hoping we don't have to wait that long.
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    The wait is killing me! I am from California as well, I just moved up here a year ago because my husband is attending Concordia. I am hoping we get the notice either way soon so we will have time to make a decision about where to go! Good luck!
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    Nope, no word yet. I hope we hear soon!!
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    Im glad someone started this post... The wait is killing me as well I havent heard anything and Im REALLY hoping we find out sooner than later!!!

    Also, has anyone (who is a transfer) done any volunteer/paid work for providence? And or has a family member that works for them? I know that its weighted more in favor of those that do or have, I unfortunately do not have any of the above and its making me nervous

    Well good luck to all and keep me posted
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    No volunteer or paid work for Providence on my end, either. It made me so nervous when I found out that one of the women in my interview group works in the ED of (I think) St. Vincent's--I think she must be an automatic in! I just really hope we find out this week, all of my fiance's and my moving plans (where to look for an apartment, when to look, where he should look for a job, etc) are on hold until I find out and I think we're both going a little batty, haha....
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    No Providence experience on my end either. I thought I was the only one! I did email Barbara yesterday (the liaison), and she said the list was not yet finalized and the letters will hopefully go out this week or next week. Pretty general, but enough to know we aren't getting the letters in the next couple of days!

    Ashni- I am totally in the same boat as you. Our lease is up in May, and we are supposed to reply to schools by May hopefully soon, this is the last piece of my crazy admissions puzzle!
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    Well it def. makes me feel a little better to know there is others in the same boat, i just wish i knew how many so i could have a more rounded feel of the odds lol
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    also, is anyone starting in fall??
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    Thanks for the update, kirstyne. Guess I've gotta practice some patience for the next several days at least! I'm lucky we're living with my parents until the move--just have to worry about getting a lease started, not the end of a lease too!

    Good luck, everyone.

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