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Hello, Has anyone received word for the Providence Scholars program? I tried calling the nursing school but no one ever picked up. Also, if anyone out there is or was a Prov Scholar, could... Read More

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    Nope, she didn't say one way or the other--her whole e-mail to me was contained in my message, haha. My guess would be they haven't quite completed it, otherwise I would imagine that they'd be sending out the letters today, not as possibly late as Tuesday? Not sure, though.
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    good luck to everyone! Hopefully we will hear something Wednesday (:
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    Anyone have any news??? Keeping fingers crossed for everyone!
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    Nope nothing here ): I wonder if they are going to send an email first , like they did with the interview??? I cant wait to find out either way, my nerves are going crazy.... I no longer have finger nails lol
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    Just in case anyone is checking this thread but not the "Acceptance letters????" thread, smASHthis got a letter today! Looks like our long, long wait is almost over.....
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    I just got my letter today and I didn't get it but best of luck to those still waiting! And congrats to those who recieved it !!
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    GVTA, sorry to hear you didn't get it. I'm sure everything will work out just great for you though!

    I got it! I'll see you guys at UP in excited!!!
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    How much do I wish I didn't live in CA right now....this wait is KILLING me. But congratulations, kirstyne!!! And good luck, GVTA, I know you'll make it work.
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    So I finally caved and e-mailed Barbara.......and I got it!!!!!!!!!!! See you guys in spring!!
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    Congrats Ashni!!!!!! Are you in the spring cohort?! Can't wait to start!
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    Thank you!! I am indeed in the spring cohort--how about you?