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Hi Guys! So.. I'm currently a psychology student at OSU, but I've recently decided I want to go into nursing (probably for mental health). By changing my major I would have about a year of pre-reqs at either PCC or PSU. My... Read More

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    Well, here is what I would recommend since you're so young and haven't completed your pre-req's yet...

    Transfer to Linfield and complete your nursing pre-req's there. It's expensive, but you'll be sure to get into the nursing program in a timely manner as soon as your pre-req's are finished and won't have to compete for a spot against people who are older/have previous degrees/are more diverse, etc. You won't have to stress about getting A's in all of your pre-req's, although I still highly recommend it - all you have to do is pass the classes and keep the minimum GPA requirement to be able to get into the nursing program. (Again, I still HIGHLY recommend that you get good grades, I'm just emphasizing the point that it's not critical that you get them because you'll basically already be accepted into the program). You'll end up getting a Bachelor's degree which is tremendously helpful in being able to find a job and move up in the workplace and you'll be able to pay off your student loans within a few years because you'll be making a great income. You will set yourself up for life!

    If you were my child, I would strongly recommend this path. It's more expensive than going the community college/OCNE route, but it'll probably be faster and more do-able... and you won't have to worry about whether or not your application will be accepted. If you go the other routes you're going to be competing against people who have more life experience, have previous degrees, more volunteer experience, etc.... it's really difficult for someone so young to get accepted into the programs. But, if you go the Linfield route, once you're in the Linfield pre-nursing program working on your pre-req's you're in! I am 99.9% certain that you will not regret it if you truly are committed to becoming a nurse!

    Here is the linfield pre-nursing info:
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    Quote from Miss_Wishful
    Hi Guys!

    So.. I'm currently a psychology student at OSU, but I've recently decided I want to go into nursing (probably for mental health). By changing my major I would have about a year of pre-reqs at either PCC or PSU. My projected GPA would be anywhere from 3.5-3.7 (current OSU gpa is 3.65 and I'm at 80 credits, I am also aware of which courses are evaluated in determining my nursing gpa). I have no volunteer experience in the field, and I'm working toward my first degree. I've been researching how competetive Oregon programs are, and I'm almost deterred. Sounds like an impossible jump given my circumstances -- however I don't want to give up! I would take the OCNE path and apply at PCC, Linfield, OHSU, and various other community colleges. I'm only 19, but I'm wondering if it is worth the risk when acceptance is not guarunteed. I understand the MINIMUM requirements, but my question is this: What are the "real" GPA requirements for the said programs? And how is acceptance actually determined? Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
    Hi, here is the breakdown at Rogue Community College:
    "Information About 2011 Selection Process and Points
    Applicant pools vary from year to year, but students often ask about GPA ranges and points for students who are accepted into the program. In 2011, over 200 students applied to the RCC Nursing Program, with 194 meeting at least the minimum requirements and considered qualified. Of the top 85—those who went to the phase 2 essay session—the GPA range was 3.50-4.0 (the average of the GPAs was between 3.7 and 3.8). Of the 70 points possible in phase 1, the range for the top 85 was 51.21-65.00. After Phase 2 was completed, 36 accepted students and 25 alternates were identified from the top 85 students. Accepted students’ prerequisite GPA ranged from 3.51-4.0. The range of final selection process points among the 36 accepted students was 73.12-91.50."
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