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Hi! I live in Portland, OR and want to apply for OHSU's accelerated bachelor's program for nursing, but there isn't a lot of information out there on it. I've browsed their website, but it doesn't answer all the questions I have.... Read More

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    I actually created a FB page a few weeks ago, but I'm the only person in it, hah! I'm an ABM student (AccBacc->Nurse-Midwifery), so we found out in late Feb. But you're all more than welcome to come and join it. It's called OHSU AccBacc 2011, I think? Let's get on there and start making some plans, people. Orientation, after all, is 2 months from today.

    (Just for the record, I generally shy away from emoticons but I saw that dancing baby and I really couldn't stop staring.)

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    Juliahd! I'm moving from SF too, would you be free to chat over the phone?
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    SaraBear44, have you graduated yet? Final thoughts on OHSU? What about job prospects?
    I love all your posts about OHSU and your positive attitude!
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    Thanks Strider :-)
    Yep graduated (technically) 3 days ago and waiting for my NCLEX. I'm taking it 9/15. Several of my classmates got hired on their practicum units. This is definitely a possibility and something to consider when choosing practicum. Many others are on the job hunt now. PDX isn't necessarily in dire need of new grad nurses; there are plenty of them. However, I will say that us ABSN students seem to be very desirable because we are : second-career nurses with prior experience and we are at the top of our game professionally and academically.

    I, personally, and moving back to where I'm from--east coast--with my husband and am kind of thankful I don't have to compete with all my classmates for the limited jobs around here...

    Final thoughts on the program. Loved it and SOOOO ready to be a nurse. I feel very well prepared for an entry-level job! Our completion ceremony and final party were very good ways to culminate the end of a highly energetic, rigorous academic program.
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    Congrats Sara!!! What an accomplishment! Is there any advice for the application process for the ABSN? What kind of GPA did you have going in? Did you also apply to all the CC's and UP, Linfield, etc?
    I'm a little nervous about the essay. So much seems to ride on it. I wish I had that creative, witty writing style that might get noticed, but sadly I do not.
    Best of luck, out east! I'm sure you will find an amazing job, being an OHSU grad!
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    Thanks Strider. I have written about the application process in a couple other posts. If you go to my "view public profile" and look up my past posts, you might find some other helpful threads about applying to PDX nursing programs.

    In short, the average pre-req gpa of my class was 3.8. Mine was about that... I had all A's, one B+ in psychology... I only applied to ABSN programs--all over the country. If you apply to UP, make sure you don't miss the "Providence Scholars" deadline!! At the end of our program, they passed our essays back out to us and I read a couple peoples' essays. So some advice: Don't worry about being creative or witty!! Don't write in a style that isn't yours. Be yourself in your essay--that is what I noticed. I was expecting some funny or amazing high-level writing from my classmates, but people just poured their hearts out about the questions. One of the best advice I've heard is ANSWER THE QUESTIONS. So many people get caught up in the essay-writing or copy an essay from another application that they don't accurately address the question.... And try to tie in what your future goals are, to show that you've thought through why you want to be a nurse. I talked about how I eventually want to be an educator (I used to be a teacher)... Others want to do international work, homebirth midwifery, smoking cessation, or comfort the dying because of a personal experience. OHSU only accepts people who are serious about nursing, not just looking for a decent-paying job. That's my advice and I wish you all the best!! :-)
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    For those who have completed or were accepted to the Accelerated program: When you submitted your application did you have any classes in progress? I'm wanting to apply however, I will have Nutrition and Genetics in progress when applying. I don't want to waste my time and money, if that makes me less competitive then those who have finished all pre-reqs
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    I don't think it matters if you have a few classes in progress. I was just starting Nutrition and Micro in winter quarter when I applied. I was waitlisted at first at OHSU but offered entry in May for the ABSN June start. (I had already decided on UP by then.)
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    I had almost all of my prereqs in process when I applied, except for A&P and Statistics, and I got in. I don't think it matters.
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    I am applying to the OHSU ABSN program and currently working on my essay. Two of my immediate family members (father and brother) are OHSU alumni (School of Medicine). Is this something I should try to mention in my essay??

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