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    Hi, I am planning on moving to Oregon this summer. Currently I am an LVN (or LPN there) but would like to obtain my RN. I looking for any information on any schools that offer the LPN to RN bridge program. This will help me decide the exact location I want to move to. Also are there many jobs for LPN's in Oregon? Pay Rate? Thanks for any and all information you can provide.

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    Lower Columbia College in Long View Wa has an LPN to Rn bridge. I think a lot of LPNs in OR do online programs like Excelsior because there are not a lot of LPN to Rn programs.
    LPN jobs in Portland are mostly in LTC and in the ball park of $22/hr.
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    I am a paramedic and did the Excelsior program, all online and self study until the big test at the end. You can go and check out some web sites for the following areas in Salem to find out job openings. I don't know if you are interested in LTC or hospital/clinic

    www.indeed.com create a job agent

    or just search Oregon nursing jobs on google, thats how I found all the websites for the places I was interested in. Melissa
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    Because of OCNE (Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education), there are no LPN to RN bridge programs. What a shame they didn't have enough LPN input to fix this at the State Board of Nursing level!!
    Since I am an LPN and live in Portland, I did not want to drive to LCC in Longview, WA (~49 miles north) so I am currently in a RN program here.
    I didnt have too much of a trouble finding a job when I started earnestly looking/applying. Took about 3-6 months to secure a job....I worked at the Portland VA Medical Center and really liked it there which was great since I did not want to work in a nursing home. The pay and work conditions there were super.
    Good Luck and ask away if you have more questions!!
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    Thanks for all the good info. I will be looking into the Excelsior program. For those that have taken it, was it difficult to learn online? I look forward to being up in beautiful Oregon and finding a new Job.

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