Legacy Versant RN Residency, Late Summer 2013

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    Thought it would be nice to start a new thread for those of us who are applying this time around and to be able to support each other!
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    I am applying to the program too. In the middle of getting my reference process completed. Good luck through this long process!
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    The email that asks for references says to turn them in within the next 24 hours. Isn't that odd? I received the email Friday evening, so any types of questions I could potentially have had (and I did have one) wouldn't be possible. In any case, I filled out the reference form and turned it in.

    All the best to you, nurse_2365! And to everyone else :-)
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    Count me in as well. First time applying for me.
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    @db2xs I also received the email Friday evening and thought it was odd that they would ask for it to completed within 24 hours.
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    I just applied TODAY! I didn't even realize the application was posted...such a busy month! What is the whole deal with the references?
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    Has anyone been contacted to schedule the first round of interviews that are supposed to happen on June 14th?
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    Nothing yet for me. I keep checking my inbox on a daily basis! It will be a phone interview first for me since I'm from out of state.
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    Got the email today to schedule as a Critical Care candidate.
    @sand_dollar, so you're aware in the past I did a phone interview for this program because at the time I lived out of state. If my memory serves me correctly, they did not schedule my interview with me until after all the in person interviews had already been completed. So don't fret if it seems to be getting late for a call.
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    Do you think it put you at a disadvantage to do a phone interview instead of in person?

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