Legacy Versant RN Residency - who's applying for this round? - page 5

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This is my third time applying, so here's hoping the third time is the charm. I graduated last June and will be finishing up my BSN at OHSU in June (with a 4.0!) and will have 9 months of home health experience with medically... Read More

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    Same here! haven't heard anything yet. Very frustrating ((
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    Did you have your second interview yet CCRN_529? And how was it?
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    I have not heard anything either... I applied for cardiac tele as well.
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    I did have my second interview and I thought it went really good. It was a panel interview with multiple people asking me questions. I was told I would know within the next week or two. The wait is unbearable... but worth it if offered a position. I hope everyone has great luck with call backs and second interviews... I know it is hard to wait and not know either way.
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    Congrats on the second interview. Did they mention how many people they would hire for the icu?
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    Wow!!! Good for you. So keep us posted if you hear anything from them. I wish best of lucks to you. You will get in!!!!
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    I just got a call today and was officially offered the position!!!!!
    I truly wish everyone the best of luck in their endeavors... and don't give up. Reapply again in the fall if you don't get offered a position!
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    I'm so happy for you
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    Thank you so much!!!! I am extremely excited.
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    Heads up, recruitment has re-opened. Im debating if i should reapply. It says that EVERYTHING needs to be resubmitted, even transcripts. I don't mind the whole application process, but to re-do the reference check is such a hassle. Nothing has changed for me (new grad, no experience, no new certifications) since the last round, so I'll be using the same references again, and I felt that I was such a bother, having to constantly remind my references to complete the survey. So I'll be thinking about it. Good luck to everyone!