First Day of Nursing School Tomorrow

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    Congrats to everyone who is starting nursing school tomorrow. I'm starting at MHCC and I know several others begin tomorrow. We are officially on our way! Good luck everyone!!! :-)

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    Thank you and congrats and good luck to you too! I start at RCC tomorrow, and I'm nervous and excited.
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    I'm so nervous too! I've heard so many stories about nursing school nightmares! Hopefully everything will go great! I feel like I've been working forever to get to this point! Can't wait to dig in! Good luck tomorrow!
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    good luck everybody can't wait for the day i get to my first day!
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    You will get it soon! Are you doing prereqs?
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    How's the first year going?
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    It's going well! They definitely threw us in head first! We have already learned SOOO much more than I thought we would in the first term! It's pretty exciting how fast it moves. It's also a lot more time consuming than I thought it would be! I usually spend 5+ hours a day on homework and studying (not to mention class, work and starting clinicals next week)
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    You got in to Clackamas, right? How is that going?
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    Are you at PCC? Yup, I'm at CCC and it's going great so far. Our clinicals start next week, too. Is your class health promotion right now? I'm just wondering if the curriculum is exactly the same as they say.
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    I'm at Mt. Hood and we are doing health promotion too! Where do you guys do clinicals?

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