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Oregon is so overly saturated with nurses that facilities are just not hiring. There are lots of positions for experienced nurses but nobody is willing to invest the time/money into new grads. There are literally hundreds of new... Read More

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    Quote from SimplisticRnx
    Hi ArmyWife. Can you tell me which positions are new grad friendly? I know that the ACE unit are, what about tele? Thank you

    I know my NM at Salem hospital was telling us she was going to hire some new grads in Orthopedics, and I think there is a position open on the website right now. I would post a link but it says the site is under maintenance.
    One other thing I have noticed, atleast when applying to other CNA positions at the Salem hospital, They ask you questions at the end of the online app and it says "are you blingual/bicultural" I would say always click yes, because in everyone own way we could all be "bicultural" and in those little end questionaires you want to be able to click yes to as many answers as you are able to.

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    Quote from CrunchRN
    PA and PT both require graduate degrees and pay more than RN salalry typically.
    PTA, not PT.
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    I know Salem had a huge group of new grads hired end of July. I think there were 36 critical care openings ( Ed,neuro trauma,cvcu, icu,imcu) as well as a large group in med/surg and mother baby. I think there was also a batch back in feb so they defiantly have had opening Good Luck
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    I know for a fact that the Portland VA is hiring Procedure RN and Pacu RN contractors right now.. They do require 1-year of experience though. If anyone is interested, let me know and Ill send you the recruiter info.
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    Salem Hospital opened up New Grad program.. closes Oct 10th! Good luck.
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