Considering a move to Oregon...good job markets?

  1. My wife and I are considering moving to Oregon. I'm graduating this August and will take my boards by September. Where are the nursing jobs? Any hospitals open to new grads? Any good new grad programs out there?

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  3. by   Hancock330
    Explore the job market VERY carefully before you decide to relocate. Jobs are scarce in many areas. If you're considering a move to Portland or the Eugene/Springfield area I'd suggest waiting until things get better. You might have better chances if you went REALLY rural -- to one of the small community hospitals. Best wishes on your completing your program and passing the NCLEX-RN.
  4. by   Cassalyn
    I relocated to Oregon from California and looked for a Job for almost a year before finding one, I've heard it's tough to find work as an RN here. Hope you found something
  5. by   plus_sign
    Is it equally difficult to find a job when you've got experience? I'm thinking about moving to Portland in January and will have 2 years med/surg nursing under my belt.
  6. by   blueindigo79
    I have 7 yrs experience( med/surg, tele, ambulatory surgery) would that help if we are thinking of moving to the Portland area? Are there prn options? How easy is it to get a RN license( have ny and tx RN license)
  7. by   Hancock330
    "I have 7 yrs experience( med/surg, tele, ambulatory surgery) would that help if we are thinking of moving to the Portland area? Are there prn options? How easy is it to get a RN license( have ny and tx RN license"

    No problems getting a license -- but where I am (the Eugene, OR area) one of the 2 acute care hospitals in town (the larger one) is cutting back on hours for the nurses they have and not hiring much if any. I have no direct information about Portland, but I'm not seeing many ads. By the way, if you decide to move to Portland, go ahead and get licenses for both Oregon and Washington if you can. Portland, OR is on one side of the river and Vancouver, WA is on the other. You'll want to be able to work in either city to increase you opportunities for work. Good luck.
  8. by   ezkabar0037
    The job market is awful here in PDX... I hear they are telling new nursing students (I hear there is something like 13 nursing schools in the greater PDX area) that if they want to work as an RN that they'd better plan on moving! I came here from NY with 1 year experience and am very very lucky to have gotten a job. Although we get called off at least once a pay period. My suggestion... if you don't have a lot in savings or have 'family obligations' look elsewhere
  9. by   busymommy
    We will likely be moving to the Eugene area next year, for family. Hubs is already looking at his employment prospects and since Eugene is home for him, he's well-acquainted with the area, cost of living, etc. I'll be a BSN-RN and have a few questions. Hancock330, what is the nurse-to-patient ratio at your facility on, say, a med-surg floor? Do the RNs generally seem happy to be at work? Do you find there's a sense of camaraderie among your coworkers? What's offered to new hires in the way of orientation/mentoring/precepting?

    Can anyone who's familiar with the Eugene/Springfield area tell me about the SNFs/LTCs in the area?

  10. by   Hancock330
    unfortunately, the local hospitals aren't hiring, as far as I know, and the largest one is trying every trick in the book to reduce nursing hours. The hospital nurses are unionized so there's a lot of protection, but it's not total. Some of the SNFs & LTCs are quite good and seem to retain staff for a LONG time, which is different from most places I've been. Not that they're luxurious -- but that there seems to be almost enough staff to go around.

    There's only one RN program in this immediate area, but it graduated about 70 students in June and most of them WON'T easily find jobs. Period. Chances for acute care positions a very low, unfortunately, and LTC and SNF positions aren't at all plentiful. Peace Health (which operates Sacred Heart Riverbend and Sacred Heart University District, along with a large system of outpatient clinics) is the largest employer in the area but is the place I know best and is the place trying to cut nursing hours. Eventually, they'll see the light, I imagine, but it will probably take a couple of years and in the mean time, it's going to be rough.

    I wish I had a more positive report to give you, but right now, the job market here is bad and no signs it's going to get better any time soon. This part of Oregon is a great place to live -- and I hope something great works out for you and your family.