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Hello Everyone! I just found out that I got accepted at Clackamas Community College for the nursing program this fall! I thought I would start a topic group for all of us, so that we can get to... Read More

  1. by   Christy24
    You can get it right off the shelf if there is plenty available, but some of the popular brands can run low. I am waiting on an order myself.
  2. by   jason31
    Whew! You scared me for a minute! I went into a scrub store very quickly about 3 months ago but had to leave, so I never tried them on etc. that is the only thing I have procrastinated on. I plan on going today.
  3. by   abany
    Hello All!!!

    I just saw that this was created for our graduating class of 2015!!! I guess I am a little late on joining! But I guess it's better late than never After reading these comments, I am shocked at how amazing our class seems!!! WOW!! Everyone is so supportive and kind, it just eases the pre-jitter nerves I have! I bought all of my books from CCC, and thankfully got free scrubs from --------------------!!! Is everyone excited about the first day party? Also, I was never contacted by my 2nd year buddy am I the only one?
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  4. by   abany
    You are not the only one nervous!!! I am too!!!! hahah
  5. by   Christy24
    Welcome to the group. Yes, I def think the majority of us are nervous, lol, but also pretty excited! I am very much looking forward to Monday... which, BTW, is the day most ppl will speak with their mentors for the first time. Can't believe it's only 6 days away... pretty pumped!!

  6. by   abany
    Thanks for the clarification )) I thought I would mention something for everyone!!! I asked the teacher what kind of Drug Book we should get. She mentioned that many students love "The Davis's Drug Book" This can be put on an Iphone as an app! This way instead of bringing a HUGE drug book to school, you have it all on your phone
  7. by   Christy24
    Thanks for the info... I'm going to look into that as well!
  8. by   Christy24
    I almost forgot to sew a CCC Nursing patch onto my lab coat... does it go on the left sleeve as well?
  9. by   abany
    I am out right now!!! But when I get home, I will check!!!!
  10. by   simplesmile
    Quote from Christy24
    I almost forgot to sew a CCC Nursing patch onto my lab coat... does it go on the left sleeve as well?
    As far as I know, it does! See you Monday!
  11. by   abany
    I looked at the "Uniforms for Clinical" Green sheet and it reads CCC Nursing Program patches must be sewn onto the LEFT SLEEVE of all clinical uniforms
  12. by   Christy24
    Thanks, and yes... see you all Monday!!
  13. by   jason31
    If any of you procrastinated on getting scrubs and lab coats like me, NW Scrubs in the Gateway area has a large selection and a huge clearance area. I got three scrub sets and a lab coat, all good comfy brands, and a bp cuff for 100 bucks. For the men out there, there isn't a good selection anywhere, but I found what was comfortable for me, and I will be ordering more like it online.