Application points for LCC and OCNE schools.

  1. I'm making this thread because I have trouble finding any information about the application points necessary to get invited to Lane Community College's proctored essay or even how many points past students had when gaining acceptance into the program. I will post my GPA and application points with the hopes that you will post yours as well. This will give not only us an idea of what is required to make it into the program, but also give future applicants a rough idea. So all you former LCC students and current applicants post up your points.

    Since the other OCNE schools have similar point systems, you guys can post here as well, but I mostly want info about Lane.
    I applied to Lane Community College.

    My prerequisite GPA = 4.0

    My application points = 65

    I completed all prereqs and extra point classes, but have no prior degree (yet).
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  3. by   Humulus
    Wow, these forums aren't very lively are they? lol!!
  4. by   Humulus
    I was invited to proctored essay earlier today! I had 65/68 points possible. Anybody else?
  5. by   SushiOConnor
    I haven't heard anything from PCC or MHCC. But I did get my letter a few days ago from CCC of officially how many points I had (60). I think I had 58 points for PCC and 59 for MHCC. My prereq GPA was 3.8 for some schools but 4.0 for others depending upon their charts for counting up points.
  6. by   SushiOConnor
    Ok, sorry, I looked at my points again and I had 63 or for PCC and a 4.0 for prereqs...
  7. by   jimithing112
    If it helps, going into the interview for CCC last year, I had 63 points/70 possible, and I got in. I think the interview cutoff last year was 58 points, although that changes every year -- I think it's just based on where the cut off is after they invite the top x number of people for interviews. I have no idea if there's a guaranteed interview if you have a certain point value. Don't forget to consider the people who get invited to interview but decline the interview or just don't make it. There were people in my class who didn't make the points cut off for interviews but got interviews because space was available.
  8. by   Sartorius1
    I think I calculated my points correctly and came up with 57.68..?! Do you think they round up? I'm bummed because when I took WR 121 it was only a 3 credit course. I got an A but that still dings me four quality points I'm not applying until 2013 and have meetings with advisors next month, but if anyone has some insight I'd appreciate it