Applicants to Portland area schools for 2012.

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    Greetings fellow future nurses! I just mailed my application packets for Mt. Hood CC, Clackamas CC, and Portland CC today and excited to be done with them. I have my proctored essay for OHSU this Wednesday and am a little worried because I have NO idea what is going to be asked. I haven't been able to get any feedback on what is on any of the essays. I am also applying to Chemeketa but am probable wasting my time as I am missing 2 of the pre-recs required there that aren't required at the OCNE schools. Well, the worst they can say is no, right?

    Anyway, the Oregon Nursing Programs sections has been a little dead lately so I was hoping to spark some dialogue. This is my first year applying and I'm already getting a little stressed. I kind of have a lot riding on getting in somewhere next fall. My fiance and I are kind of planning on it. I'm hoping that doesn't backfire! How's it going with everyone?

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    Haha don't everyone respond all at once! Took the OHSU proctored essay on Wednesday and was very relieved to be done with it. It wasn't like I thought it would be. Very straight forward and not as high pressure as I'd anticipated. Am I the only applying this year?! This thread is crazy quiet. Am I talking to myself?
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    I know, I was wondering where this board was this year. Maybe everyone is in the thick of writing applications right now. This is my first year applying, and I applied to U of P, OHSU Acc. Bach., PCC and Clackamas. It should be interesting to see how everything shakes out.
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    Hi, I'm new here. Just applied for UofP, Linfield, PCC, and CCC. Hope to get in somewhere! Is the job crunch really bad? I'm pretty nervous about spending big bucks and still not having a JOB! Yikes!
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    Yeah I bet this thread will fill up more as deadlines approach. Yeah heather the job market in Portland is pretty grim right now. I believe the legacy system might be in the process of layoffs too. I'm hearing that new grads are much more likely to be considered if they have a BSN, so Im not even gonna bother with an adn. If I get into a adn program Im just gonna go straight through to bsn fulltime.
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    Hi everyone- I am in the same place you are. I applied to PCC, Clackamas, and Mt Hood. I am pretty much freaking out! I just got through reading "almost" every post for the 2011 applicants on this site. There is quite a mix of opinions and views. And yes, this post will fill up fast!

    I have been working on this process for a couple years and just finished my pre-req's in the Fall. I have busted my you-know-what! I have met with every advisor possible, learned as much as anyone could about the process at each school, the past base level for points to get an interview/essay, and how long you have to bite your nails to find anything out. It's so stressful, but worth it!

    I would love to hear what everyone else is thinking about it. I have a ton of info for those that aren't real sure of it all. Look forward to hearing from everyone.
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    I have heard the same and agree that the BSN is the way to go. That one additional year is the way to go if you want to be competitive out there. I think even having a minor in another area (specialty) to help back up your nursing degree is a good idea.
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    I thought I would drop in here and give all the new applicants some words of advice...I am a second year nursing student at CCC and I remember how anxious I was during the application process. I do want to tell you though that whether you get an AAS or BSN is really up to you and what is going on in your life right now...hospitals ARE hiring AAS nurses, especially when they know that you want to get your BSN but need to work for a little while so don't let anyone tell you that you won't get a job unless you go straight into a BSN program. Everybody has different things going on in their lives so make the choice that's best for you and don't get yourself all worried about that right now. Also, for CCC students, you are co-enrolled at OHSU which means that you don't have to apply to their BSN program, you're already in...but you can work for a year or two and then go back (you must go back within 10 years) either full time, half time, or one class at a time, whatever works with your life.

    As for the nursing application process, it can feel brutal at times but if you are right for their program, they will pick you. Being a little older is a plus too (25-35) because there is some life experience there but that doesn't mean you're out if you're 20, we have an age range of 20-46 in our class so it varies alot! My best piece of advice is that once you get invited to an interview, be yourself and use common sense when you answer the thing I've learned over the past few years is that 50% of nursing is using common sense and the other 50% is techinical knowledge...I've seen people get kicked out who are book smart and street stupid so keep that in mind. And if you don't get in this year then consider taking a CNA course and getting a job at a hospital for some hands on experience...those classes last for a few years so you have a much better chance of getting in with some work experience under your belt. You can take CNA classes from community colleges or go to almost any nursing home and they will most likely have CNA training courses for anywhere between $600-1000 and they can train you within weeks to be able to sit for the exam.

    Best of luck to all of you!!
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    Thanks ocnurse1 for the encouraging words and advice! I have 61 points going into my application for Clackamas, I have my CNA and work for one of their affiliates. So I feel pretty good about 61...I also applied to PCC (58/59 pts), MHCC (58/59 pts), and OHSU. I have a 4.0 going in with all pre-req's met. I hope that is enough to get me into an interview or essay. (and I'm 41 with both book and streets smarts, lol)

    Does this sound like a good possibility considering what you know about the process? And again, thanks so much for stopping in here to give us a little support. As you know, it can be very stressful waiting...and waiting...and waiting :-)
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    Good luck guys! I was in the same spot as you last year and I thought the wait was going to kill me! Luckily I survived (and you will too!!) and it was worth it! Just hang in there!!!

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