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Greetings fellow future nurses! I just mailed my application packets for Mt. Hood CC, Clackamas CC, and Portland CC today and excited to be done with them. I have my proctored essay for OHSU this... Read More

  1. by   heatherp1984
    Congratulations to everyone that got in. For those of you who are waitlisted hang in there, it sounds like there will be a lot of people who got into Clackamas giving up their other spots at PCC and Mt. Hood, including myself. I just got my letter for Clackamas in the mail today and so I will be giving up my spots at the other two schools (PCC and Mt. Hood). For those of you who are going to Clackamas can't wait to meet you and get to know you. Congrats again everyone!
  2. by   emmyers
    Got my letter from CCC and was accepted! So stoked, but torn. I think I'm going to decline the spot for my waitlist spot at MHCC. It's a risk, but it's where I want to go. Not sure yet, but I'm 95% sure it's what I want to do, and I don't want to accept at both places, since it's a big "no-no" in the process.
  3. by   pnlu007
    a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush.
  4. by   heatherp1984
    to emmyers,
    where are you on the waitlist? If you are anywhere near the top I seriously wouldn't sweat it. Like I said, I think now that the CCC letters came out a whole lot of spots are going to open up.
  5. by   Reid
    I wouldn't give up a sure spot for a potential spot. It may be more difficult for the school to fill late openings, but it's how the system is set up. You have to do what's right for you.
  6. by   Sartorius1
    Congrats (again) everyone! Wow, accepted to multiple schools/wait must all be so proud emmyers, I would make a pros & cons list. As Reid said, though, there is a slight chance you might not make it off the wait list. It sounds like you're more of a risk taker than me! Good luck in your decision.
  7. by   Sasafras0123
    Put on the alternate list its what I expected so I'm not too heart broken. I'll just have to keep working as a CNA and apply again next year. Congrads to everyone who got in!!
  8. by   Sasafras0123
    Also anyone reading this that also got in but is denying their acceptance to CCC could you please post here? Maybe there is still hope, but I'm not going to get too excited
  9. by   emmyers
    I'm in the 20s on the MHCC waitlist, but they have always taken over 30 students from the waitlist. Just feels like it's cutting it close, what if this is the year they don't take 30 students? I know the chances of that are low, but I'm sweating a little at the risk. But I know MHCC and it's the closest to me, even that's a 40 min drive but every other school is 1hr min.
  10. by   SushiOConnor
    I just got my letter from CCC! I got an alternate spot! Lucky I applied to as many schools as I did and got a spot at PCC. I'm sure there will be lots of juggling around so heads up sasafrass0123 and others who are alternates. So now I just have to figure out how to pay for two years of nursing school! I did get my FAFSA in so I'll see what package PCC can put together for me. I spoke with a financial aid adviser for PCC and they said they would be attending the info session next Tuesday (the 5th, from 9am - 11am).
  11. by   NurseLaura11
    Hi everyone -

    I got my acceptance letter to CCC today I'm so thankful! I also got into PCC, so will be declining my spot there for those of you that are on the waiting list.

    To everyone else that got accepted into CCC - congrats!!! Can't wait to meet you all
  12. by   newnurse2015
    CCC here I come. Yeah and congrats to everyone else.
  13. by   Malameda

    Oh, I thought that was just for wait-listed students because that was the date I had to send in my reply since I am on the wait-list for Ashland.

    I called OHSU directly and they said that they are still waiting for 30% of the students to reply, so those who got in, may have another deadline and that is the one I am wondering about. Are you saying its the same, May 25th?

    BTW.... congrats to all that got into CCC. I am wait-listed for that one as well. Gotta just be patient and see what God has planned for me. Do you guys know the points you receive in the interview?
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