Applicants to PDX area Nursing Schools 2010

  1. Hi fellow applicants for 2010!!

    I wanted to start a thread for all of us who are applying to various nursing schools in the area for 2010. I have applied to five different places: OHSU-Monmouth, University of Portland, Portland Community College, The University of Washington, and Boise State University. I wanted to cover myself and hopefully ensure that I would get in somewhere. I have a really good GPA and experience as an EMT-Basic so I am hoping that that will help my chances.
    Just waiting it out until they send out notifications.....I just want to hear back!!!

    Good luck to everyone who applied!
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  3. by   EFreyer
    I applied to OHSU ABS and ABS to PMHNP programs. Haven't heard anything from either, and I'm getting nervous! Do you have any news on your schools yet?
  4. by   Rachel-EMT
    Ooh I hope you get in, what's your prior degree in? I haven't heard anything yet!! But I applied to OHSU's regular BSN program and technically their deadline hasn't even passed yet(February 16th). But I have been waiting to hear back from other schools for a while! Do you know around when you will hear anything? I've heard for the regular BSN it's like June 1st, seems like forever to wait!
  5. by   EFreyer
    I have a double major in Biology and Psychology.

    I didn't know the other program's application deadline was so late! Good luck!

    I'm really nervous, and its hard when they don't give you any kind of indication about how it's going. I think I'm supposed to hear from the PMHNP program by the end of the month/ beginning of March, and the ABS around the end of March, but I'm not sure. I don't think I got in to the PMHNP program though, because I got an email saying they were doing interviews on Jan. 27 and Feb 3rd and I wasn't invited to one.

    Keep me posted on how your process is coming along and if you hear anything!
  6. by   LoveMyBugs
    If you applied to PCC have you looked into Clackamas CC and Mt Hood CC, as they are all OCNE schools, there is also Clark CC in Washington and WallaWalla has thier nursing school at Adventist Medical Center campus in Oregon.................Good Luck
  7. by   Rachel-EMT
    Thanks for the advice!!
    Yes I am also applying to Clackamas CC but their deadline isn't unitl April so I am kind of waiting to hear back from a few of my schools in March before I worry about that. And I did look into Mt. Hood but to be honest I really didn't like how they only give discretionary points to LPNs and CNAs and none to EMTs. All of the other OCNE schools do so I was a little put off, even though I am sure they are an excellent program and I should probably apply anyway! Just hurts my EMT pride i guess.... .

    Anyway, what about you? Are you in a program already or applying?
  8. by   Rachel-EMT
    Oh never mind I see that you are about to graduate, congratulations!!!! May I ask where you are graduating from?
  9. by   LoveMyBugs
    I am at PCC, so if you get into their program feel free to ask me any questions. I know that waiting for CCC was the longest, they didn't let me know untill the end of June when I applied and by then I had allready been accepted to PCC and gone to orientation, I didn't get into CCC, but it was my choice school because it was so close to my house, but I really like PCC.
  10. by   Rachel-EMT
    Yeah PCC is definitely towards the top of my list of choices, I know a few other people who go their for Nursing and they have nothing but good things to say about it. I did my EMT courses at PCC-Cascade and visited Sylvania a few times and I just love that campus!! I really hope I get in, when you applied were they still doing the lottery?
  11. by   navyamy
    I have applied to PCC, Chemeketa and will be applying to Clackamas CC in April. PCC shows on their website that they will be having interviews w/ the top 150 the last week of April. I hope to get into one of them!
  12. by   LoveMyBugs
    When I applied I was second to the last year that they did the lottery. I had 2 entries in the lottery. This round is the 1st year that they don't have the lottery. If they are having 150 come to the interview your chances are good, because they have 100 slots, plus 25 alternates. I have friends in the program who were #20 on the alternate list and they are in!
  13. by   navyamy
    PCC told me in January that last year all alternates got in.
  14. by   Rachel-EMT
    Actually I think it's Clackamas that does the interview, PCC takes the top 150 and has them do a proctored essay.

    This is from their website:

    Proctored Essay: After all applications are evaluated based on the initial 70 points, the top 150 applicants will be asked to participate in a proctored essay. Up to 30 points will be awarded for the proctored essay based on a shared OCNE criteria/scoring rubric. The essay questions will not be based on any specific prerequisites or other courses, but will address general factors such as personal values, diversity, communication and critical thinking skills, motivational fitness, tolerance for stress and transferable skills.

    Update: The proctored essay session will occur on at the Sylvania campus of Portland Community College on Tuesday, April 27th and Thursday, April 29th. Students will be assigned to attend one of the offered dates if invited to the essay. Invitations will not be mailed until the phase one evaluations are complete.

    What I'm wondering is if they really get the 800 applicants every year that they claim they do.....