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Hello everyone! I was an avid reader of last years articles on applying to schools here, and it really helped me get an idea of how many points I would need. I thought I'd return the favor. So far I've only applied at PCC with... Read More

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    Hi everyone!

    Wanted to send my best wishes to you all, I was in your shoes last year and now I am a student at MHCC. If you have any questions about the program/process I'd be happy to help. As for MHCC, I'll say that I love the program and my cohort is my new extended family- everyone is amazing. I hope you all get to experience the love of a nursing cohort in your futures too!

    I want to encourage anyone who is nervous about their points and how they compare to others to NOT worry about it. I was accepted at CCC and MHCC, had a gpa of around 3.8, all pre-reqs finished, and no CNA license. I think my points were around 56-58 at the two schools. The main thing if you're in similar shoes is to really focus on your interview/essay, let your life experiences and passion shine through.

    Chris, it's nice to hear updates on you! I just wanted to add that how you described your experience thus far (clinicals, 1st/2nd term structure, cohort love) is practically identical to how I'd describe MHCC. I can't speak for PCC or CCC, but I can see our programs are identical and that MHCC has successfully implemented the OCNE program. It's nice to see that.

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    Hey all!

    Just adding in my background to the mix. I applied to Clark in Vancouver with 41 points for the April 1st deadline. Not too high but people last year made it in with the same amount. Stay positive!
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    Congrats on your progress so far! It's great to see updates of those who once stood in the position that we are now. And since the competition of the Nursing program is seemingly on the rise, it's nice to be reassured. In regards to your interview, did you have any prior medical experience to reflect on, or was it mostly general life?

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    I am basically on Federal student loans to pay for (most of) school. Many of the scholarships had deadlines prior to the notification that I got in the program, I also have a prior degree, so that limits me somewhat on some of the aide. I do think I will have more in place for next year. One of these days I'll win the lottery - I'm sure.... (j/k).

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    Thank you, and now, I did not really have medical experience, I did have a lot of volunteer experience though. I spent a few months in Baton Rouge and New Orleans helping with Katrina recovery, and worked directly with victims; and I was a house-mom for women in recovery from addiction and abuse. I also had a couple other small volunteer opportunities.
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    I'm currently at Clackamas, and would be happy to answer any questions about the program that people may have. I'm in my first year, and I really like the program.
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    I've read that many programs in the area have clinical placements mostly in the long-term care setting. How's your experience at Clackamas been so far?
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    The clinical for first term (Fall) is mostly lab based, health promotion (health fair) and immunization clinics. This term (Winter) we spent two weeks in a skilled nursing facility, but the other eight weeks has been on a med/surg unit at the local hospitals. We will spend the last four terms in a hospital setting.

    That said, there is a lot to learn about management of chronic issues in a long-term care setting.

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    I go a email inviting me to OHSU BSN program at WOU. I am so excited. Anyone know anything about the interview process? Number of people interviewed as a whole, is it a one on one interview or a group interview?
    And good luck!
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    Hello everyone! I am excited to see there is a board for the 2013 applicants. I look forward to hearing how it goes for everyone. Some stats about me: I applied to CCC and PCC, as I am interested in going the OCNE route but don't want to spend 3 years at OHSU (too expensive!) I have a prior bachelors degree but am not a good enough candidate for the accelerated BSN (my undergrad grade point is only about a 3.5). I have a 4.0 in my prerequisites, am finished with all of them and have volunteer experience. Good luck to everyone!
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