Is anyone waiting to hear from Chemeketa? - page 3

I am anxiously awaiting my final scores for the application process. The wait is downright painful! Anyone else waiting to hear from them??... Read More

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    Still nothing... The IT dept said it could take up to 24 hrs.

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    My email notifications are sent directly to my phone so as soon as I saw the e mail they were ready, I checked and was not able to view them. I immediately called the nursing dept, they put me on hold for about 5 min and then said thanks for notifying them. It seemed there was an issue with the system. About 5 min later, I got the 2nd e mail. I am dying to know!! That incident only made it worse!
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    I get mine on my phone too. I'm betting it sent us all into a panic... I know it's certainly adding to my stress levels. I'm sure it will be fixed soon... I hope.
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    I heard there were still 2 essay dates, although I don't know of anyone that took an essay on the 6th. I heard over 400 applicants, some must not have been complete. The wait on IT is nerve wracking... I keep checking to see if it works every few hours.. ugh!

    Now it keeps asking for login credentials... tried everything I can think of.
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    The assistant dean (also the person emailing regarding scores) is the one who replied to my email asking how many applicants there were. That is the only information he gave me when I asked, but I was certainly thrilled to hear it.
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    It's fixed!!!!!!!!!!! Scores are now viewable.
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    Wah! 48/50!
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    Nice job! I got 50/50 with a total of 363.375 but I mailed my deposit to OHSU today to hold my place there. Just an FYI I have a friend who got in with a total at 360 two years ago, I am not sure if it is the same point system or where she ranked amongst others who where accepted but its something to compare GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
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    360 is the top score, unless you have 5 alternate points. Good luck to everyone!
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    Kvedaa; you must have been an alternate last year? You are likely guaranteed to get in. Would you prefer OHSU or Chemeketa?

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