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    I am on waiting lists of all schools I applied this year. Do you have any information about the alternate list of MHCC, for example the number of alternates and how many alternates will be likely accepted in the program each year? Thank you very much

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    If things went according to plan MHCC should have accepted 64 students, and I believe the top 40 of the remainders would be alternates. Make sure you reply to your alternate letter, when I did they gave me an actual wait list number and I was happy to find out I'm high on the list. The other thing I can tell you is they and many other area schools went through quite a bit if not all of their alternate lists last year - you figure the top candidates get acceptances to multiple schools and can't attend them all. Stay positive, getting on multiple wait lists means your chances are still good! The deadline for notification is mid-June for most schools, but it's not unheard of for people on the alternate lists to be called as late as the week before classes start. Whatever you do, be sure to attend orientations and fulfill all requirements of each program, basically do everything you'd do if you expected to enroll. Good luck!
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    Thank you so much, Ca336! Your comment really encourages me now! Are u accepted in any nursing school?
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    I am 38 on the alternate list and MHCC is my only option, I'm hoping they use all of their alternates! For the 2009 school year, they used every alternate (they had 45) and for last year they used 41 of the 45 alternates. This year there are 40 alternates. I went through and looked at the previous years to see when people were getting called, and it was after the notification deadline that they made tons of calls out. Within 5 days people from the 20's and 30's on the MHCC alternate list were getting calls. I'm not counting my eggs, but I'm keeping hope up, and you should too
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    Thanks a ton for your comment! According to your information, I dont know whether the number of alternates who were called in 2009 and last year were excluded alternate-declined ones? I heard that the number of alternates this year is 45 or 46.
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    I'm assuming it includes alt-declined as well, where did here 45-46 for this year?

    Do you mind me asking what number you are?
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    I just received word from a friend of mine who was #3 on the alternate list at MHCC who received his acceptance into the program just a day or two ago.
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    Has anyone called or emailed MHCC to ask about the update of the waiting list?
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    Quote from Jessicabiel
    Has anyone called or emailed MHCC to ask about the update of the waiting list?
    Most of the programs ask wait listed people not to call, I think the best bet is to ask people you know are on the wait list if they have heard
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    During my interview they told us that if we were waitlisted that it was OK to call periodically to check and see where we are on the list.

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